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finalway_boss -

The ultimate TF2Maps lost media. Quakeman's original finalway_boss.

Originally by Quakeman. Played in April 2011. Immediately lost to the sands of time.

The realest veterans will know of the tales. Maybe even a few special people have had memories of it. It was legendary, an outsider oddity, and essentially instantly became an in-joke for the forums at the time due to its many outsider-art qualities.

People on this forum have asked for this map since at least 2012, and the map was not able to be located for over 8 years. Not even any screenshots surfaced.

I spend a long time looking for this. It's the ultimate "lost media" of Not even the original author had the map anymore... lost to time... I finally found it. It will finally be archived, preserved here, as a piece of TF2Maps history.

Godspeed y'all. I am so happy that this has been found, finally.
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Latest reviews

We finally found it. The myth. The legend. A task rivalled only by communicating with SunriseWatchWater. Finding the seed to some Minecraft world is nothing compared to this level of achievement.
Is this really what you guys been searching for?
we beat the Boss after 9 years
was fun
"This is the second time I've had to reclaim my property from you!"
"That belongs in a museum!
Pinnacle of TF2maps. Not sure why we even host imps and gamedays anymore when we could play this.