Pelican Peak b1

CTF with a focus on open environments, off-angled approaches, and unique playspace.

  1. phi
    RED and BLU have both set up operation in the isolated Pelican Peak. For what reason is unknown... but logging is certainly not the focus here, is it? Of course, your only way to find out is to acquire intelligence from the other rivaling facility, to discover the secrets of the Peak.

    Pelican Peak is a remastered version of an older project, which is a re-made version of an even older project.

    This is a collaborative effort done in company of @Another Bad Pun, with some geometry and layout initially created by the quondam collaborator Chin. Some editing on a prior version was done by Diva Dan, although not as an active collaborator.


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  1. Primeval
    Version: b1
    A fun CTF map to play on that I hope gets added in future