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Spectre a2

A long, winding 4CP payload map centred around a darkened castle.

  1. phi
    RED's newest arcane discovery within the remains of an old castle reinvigorates development... attracting the loathsome attention of BLU.
    Of course, approach is only feasible at night - BLU manages to take hold of a structure nearby the stronghold and prepares for attack. RED, at the last second, catches on to their scheme, and prepares for attack.

    The push is long and winding, through old towns, past sheer cliffs, meeting the monolithic sight within the last point.

    A 4cp payload map with a central singular spawn for RED.

    Made over the course of multiple months.

    Do not comment that there's "too much detailing for an alpha". I know what I'm doing.


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Recent Updates

  1. Alpha 2
  2. Added respawn visualisers