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wharfcrane a6b

Fight for control of the crane.

  1. Mathyaz
    Thanks for viewing my map! This my very first map, both in terms of creation and publication. I'd appreciate as much feedback as possible throughout this experience.

    I would like to put out thanks to hutty, TheDarkerSideofYourShadow, and the Bulletcrops Project for custom assets like the shipping containers and the bay props. THAT BEING SAID: there are props that I had to import in this map. Let me know if they show up as ERRORS and I'll get to fixing that.

    This is a simple King of the Hill map inspired by koth_lakeside, my second favorite koth map. The capture point is in the shipyard, in a small structure that contains the controls for the crane. The shipyard itself is separated by two buildings on either side, the bay at the top, and a warehouse at the bottom. RED and BLU spawns have three ways of entry/exit, with signs leading to different places of the map.

    I hope you enjoy my map, and help me see this thing through to the end!
    (aka bigmacofawesome)


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