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  1. zythe_

    trainwreck a1

    trainwreck is a payload map set at some kind of mining/storage facility. all the goods get delivered by train. Blu must destroy part of reds track so blu can send their train in instead of only reds!
  2. ArskaWarrior

    koth_desert_storage A1b

    Hellou. it's my first project I have published. i made much work for this map and i hope everything works :) . i have been thinking about class advantages and I want share them whit everyone: for scout:scout: i made much stuff to make jump but not much different roads so... I am not good...
  3. Mathyaz

    wharfcrane a6b

    Welcome! Thanks for viewing my map! This my very first map, both in terms of creation and publication. I'd appreciate as much feedback as possible throughout this experience. I would like to put out thanks to hutty, TheDarkerSideofYourShadow, and the Bulletcrops Project for custom assets like...