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  1. Khaki Cap

    Radio Hotel a3a6

    (Map is being made by Khaki Cap and BonkieBlues) Greetings comrades. Both of your teams have been hired by our glorious to help us construct our newest hotel we will have in this tiny region. The work has been post poned so many times due to attacks on workers. And that's not all! We need...
  2. Tianes

    Oil Platform Crane V1

    This submission includes 8 models of various parts of a lattice boom crane stylized for TF2. Skybox size counterparts are also available. The base and arm models share origin points for easier mixing and matching. The hook platform model is intended to attach to the lower bars of the crane...
  3. JaNNN

    Chasm V1

    This is the first map I'm uploading to this site. It's just your usual ctf map, it has a bridge that stretches across to the other team's base and intelligence. Enjoy playing it! (if you do)
  4. Fluury

    How to make a makeshift crane; or alternatively - How do I move ropes?

    Heya. I am currently working on a Payload map which includes something similar to barnblitz second, where the payload is paused for a second on the track. However, instead of a.. spinny-thing on the ground I wanted to make a cool crane that lifts up a log that's currently on the track...
  5. zythe_

    Cliffhanger a1

    [PROJECT ABANDONED] The only way for the teams to get the supplys for goldmining and all the other stuff up the cliff wall is with a crane with a platform. Due to the fact that there is only one crane they decided to fight over it.
  6. Quartzrog

    koth_windlass a1

    Hello all! This is what I managed to make for the 72 Hour Summer Jam. This is the first map I textured/detailed. Overall I'm fairly happy with the overview, though I feel it's a bit small. With more time put into it, I feel like the look of the map could be improved drastically. I'm not quite...
  7. Mathyaz

    wharfcrane a6b

    Welcome! Thanks for viewing my map! This my very first map, both in terms of creation and publication. I'd appreciate as much feedback as possible throughout this experience. I would like to put out thanks to hutty, TheDarkerSideofYourShadow, and the Bulletcrops Project for custom assets like...