Water Texture Library V2a

A library of official and community water textures.

  1. Version 2: Jungle Update

    Da Spud Lord
    This update includes the new water textures added in the Jungle Inferno update, some community-created water textures, and also just general improvements and enhancements.
    -Added new island water textures that were added in the Jungle Inferno update
    -Added a new portal room connecting to 5 community-created water textures and a credits section where users can find the download pages for these textures
    -When viewing a water texture, the texture name is now displayed as a string of text at the top of the HUD rather than as an annotation on the opposite wall
    -Lengthened the ramp going into the water to make it less steep
    -Widened the portals to make entering them easier
    -Removed the unnecessary "water_" prefixes from the portal room labels
    -Expanded the skybox
    -Clipped some stuff
    -When in a portal room, a message on the HUD tells you what room you are in
    -Added env_cubemaps to the portal rooms
    -Added a spawnroom brush to the portal rooms for both teams
    -Players respawn in the last portal room they were in
    The main portal room that you spawn in. It contains portals to all of the official water textures, as well as a portal to access the community water textures. The labels are hidden in this screenshot. You can see the labels in the final screenshots. The doorway on the far left contains a resupply cabinet.

    The room in which each water texture is contained. All rooms are identical except for the water texture and the label. The texture here is water/water_2fort. Again, the label is hidden.

    Some of the labels in the main portal room.

    Some of the labels in the community portal room.
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