[VSH] Rats Saxy Reworked V1.55c

Revised Saxton Hale map including a main indoors area with a medium sized outside area.

  1. Optional update 1.55c

    [Tweak] Fixed some alignment issues
  2. Critical update 1.55b

    [Addition] Added a nobuild zone in the outside area
    [Adjustment] Changed one of the paths up top in the main area to a zig zag pattern instead of a straight line
    [Fix] Accidently disabled triggers on the previous update. This has been fixed!
  3. Recommended update 1.55a

    [Addition] Added a small healthpack in the middle of the main area to mitigate the removal of water
    [Fix] Fixed the visual water bug occuring from certain points on the map by removing the water in the middle
  4. Optional update 1.55

    [Overhaul] Revamped both spawn rooms to look a bit less empty
  5. Optional update 1.52

    [Improvement] Changed some of the outside sand to water so it actually looks like a beach
  6. Optional update 1.51

    [Fix] Small bug fixes
  7. Recommended update 1.5

    [Addition] Added multiple windows with an outside view of the map to make it a bit more lively
    [Addition] Added another container for easier access around the main area
    [Addition] Added some more crates for easier access around the main area
    [Addition] Added an easter egg with a small bonus
    [Adjustment] Adjusted the magical button so it can only be activated by melee attacks...
  8. Optional update 1.4

    [Addition] Added some more cubemaps
    [Improvement] Slightly increased the brightness of the map
    [Adjustment] Adjusted the platform in the outside area so it's properly aligned
    [Fix] Fixed the windows in both spawns not being properly aligned with the ceiling
  9. Recommended update 1.3

    [Fix] Fixed the skybox bug when looking through the glass in both spawns
  10. Optional update 1.2

    [Addition] Added a magical button
    [Adjustment] Smoothed out textures on the platform outside
    [Adjustment] Adjusted hale bale on the platform so there's less overlapping with the barrels
    [Adjustment] Adjusted stairs in the main area leading up to the control point
    [Optimizations] Small optimizations