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  1. MINE_

    Damascus and Mahogany Warpaint Retexture 2022-07-23

    I never liked the weird fingerprint look of the Damascus, so I redid the warpaint to my liking. Featuring HD wood and metal textures. Hope you like it :)
  2. Loose Noose

    Dustbowl Rework - Proposal

    Proposal Dustbowl is sorely outdated so it is high time we did something to bring it into the modern TF era. I have thousands of hours in TF2 but next to none in Hammer, so there is no way I could personally do a project this big in any reasonable time frame. The changes needed would be so...
  3. Dayornight

    [VSH] Grid Walls Reworked V1.02

    Reworked this map in a couple of hours, thought it could use it. Improved features have been posted below! + Color coded design with arrows, allowing for easier navigation + Improved textures + Smoother door transitions + Extra props and decals + Extra health and ammo kits + Optimizations...
  4. Dayornight

    [VSH] Rats Saxy Reworked V2

    I quite enjoyed the RatsSaxy map, but thought it could use some textures, props and (definitely) some cleaning. So for the past 2 days I've been revamping this whole map and this is the result. It's also my first remake so don't go too hard on me, haha. :p Original map creator: sh1n0b1 Some...
  5. rummy is some loser

    Fastlane Pro A4

    Changelog: A balcony off of the connector over the platform. Sealed off the HUGE tunnel. The beginning entrance to last now begins earlier. There is now a shutter at the end of river to prevent the massive sightline into the house. And shutter in from lobby too. House is now only 1 room...