[VSH] Rats Saxy Reworked V1.55i

Revised Saxton Hale map including a main indoors area with a medium sized outside area.

  1. Recommended update 1.1

    [Addition] Added a couple more no-build zones as to not make it too overpowered for engineers
    [Addition] Added a large health pack on the small circle platform in the main area
    [Addition] Added posters to each spawn
    [Addition] Added credits shown each round
    [Adjustment] Adjusted spawn room sizes to make them more symmetrical
    [Adjustment] Moved the Red/Blue logo to the floor instead of the wall to avoid overlapping with the wall texture
    [Improvement] Added a new skybox to liven up the map
    [Improvement] Improved lighting in the main area
    [Optimizations] Further optimizations
    [Removal] Removed barriers around the control point for easier access to the containers
    [Removal] Removed a barrier in the outside area for easier escapes from Saxton Hale​
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