Urban B2a

map set in the New York City Harbour

  1. B2a

    this is just a small update for now:
    +added more locations in the 3d skybox
    +fixed some lighting bugs
    +added a cool sound effect for the steam locomotive
    *made the steam locomotive louder
    *increased the height of the clip (can jump higher in the sky)
    *changed light in some areas

    video of the new sound for the train

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5DYMt5dJDds
  2. B1

    changes for this update:

    +detailed both spawns
    +detailed blu side
    +detailed the top room next to point
    +detailed red side more
    +added more cubemaps
    +improved out of bounds detail
    +changed the style of blu side to more of an industrial look
    *slightly reduced the train times
    *fixed up some map mirror errors
    *made the train bells easier to hear from both spawn
    *clipped red side's buildings properly
    *clipped some props

    feedback on the detailing would be appreciated.

    that is all for this update
  3. Beta 1

    finally in beta!

    time for the list of changes:
    +added detail to the whole map
    +added a "no entry" for the train gates
    +remade all the hitboxes for the trains (so no being carried through the map)
    *fixed the sound the for the trains
  4. No dev textures (A9)

    -removed all the dev textures
    +added a new window to the left route out of spawn to see the train
    +detailed some routes of the map
    +made the right route from spawn taller
    *tweaked lighting and bloom brightness
    +added hints in some parts of the map to improve performance

    That's all the changes to this update
  5. A8

    Here for a another update today! Changes include:
    +added more textures and props to the map
    +added a new train (tell me if there are too many trains)
    +added more indicators for the trains
    +added new platforms to the centre point for more variation to gameplay
    +added a small health kit on the right path to mid
    *replaced the medium ammopack with a large on the middle path towards the point
    *made the trains more loud
    *fixed indicator lights not turning on or staying on forever
    *changes to 3d...
  6. small changes

    *tinkering to 3d skybox
    +added new ship models Special thanks to ALIEN31ITA for making them for me
    *adjusted train times
    *fixed door clipping through roof of both spawns
    +added some more detailing and textures
  7. back at it again with this map

    after like 4 months, I'm working on urban again
    +improved the 3d skybox


    1. 20190207005048_1.jpg
  8. A6


    +Added 3D skybox
    *Fixed some clipping problems
    +added a New train
    *more optimization
    *Fixed the never ending train sound (moved the train waiting room further away)
    *adjusted fog
    if there are any Map breaking bugs PLEASE TELL ME!

    That's all folks!


    1. 20181105022134_1.jpg
    2. 20181101202740_1.jpg
    3. 20181101202646_1.jpg
  9. A5

    +improved optimization
    -removed the sniper deck connecting the two buildings to reduce sightlines
    *The Train kills again!
    +added a nobuild inside the traingates to prevent unkillable sentries
    *patched up a whole load of sightlines (hopefully)
    *raised the spawn up by 32 hammer units
    *fixed clipping in some areas of the map
    +added clipping to the metal covers
    +added a new flank to the side of the point with some health
    (3D skybox coming soon)
  10. A4

    I guess you can say I'm working on the map again?