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Urban B2a

map set in the New York City Harbour

First release
Last update
King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. B2a

    this is just a small update for now: +added more locations in the 3d skybox +fixed some lighting bugs +added a cool sound effect for the steam locomotive *made the steam locomotive louder *increased the height of the clip (can jump higher in the...
  2. B1

    changes for this update: +detailed both spawns +detailed blu side +detailed the top room next to point +detailed red side more +added more cubemaps +improved out of bounds detail +changed the style of blu side to more of an industrial look...
  3. Beta 1

    finally in beta! time for the list of changes: +added detail to the whole map +added a "no entry" for the train gates +remade all the hitboxes for the trains (so no being carried through the map) *fixed the sound the for the trains