Temper (Arena)

Temper (Arena) RC1-reupload

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Temper (Arena) RC1-reupload

Arena version of koth_temper

Here it is, requested at least by one person - The arena version of koth_temper.

I added a few new paths and fixed a few bugs koth_temper_r1 had. Because the map *might* work better for Arena, i will run it through a few imps. I don't expect a lot of layout changes, but there might be some.

Of course, i kept arena gameplay in mind when making the changes. There are way less pickups, the spawn rooms have been fixed etc.

Thanks go out to:
Everyone involved in the TF2Maps Construction pack
Everyone on TF2Maps for the oodles of tutorials and resources you can find here. I'm still overwhelmed.
A Boojum Snark for the Ultimate Mapping Resource pack
Void and Leminnes for some textures
[WW] SethG for custom [WW] Logos.
Ravidge for the colored metal materials
iiboharz for the TF2Maps Workshop ressources
ZeNewDragon for extensive feedback
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