Temper (Arena) RC1-reupload

Arena version of koth_temper

  1. Reupload

    Reupload because of site problems

    I'm pretty much only reuploading this to show that i've gotten quite far in the last year ;)
  2. RC1 - The Spring-Cleaning Update

    So, after not doing anything on this project for about 9 months, i decided to give it one last cleanup that fixes most bugs and should improve performance a bit.

    Most of the changes were done at least 8 months ago and as such, the changelog has been lost in time. I only can try to guess most things.

    I consider this project dead for obvious reasons, but there were fans of the map, and i wanted to give them the bug-free experience.
    The map could really use another optimization pass, but i...
  3. B1 - Now with actual download