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Suspension Bridge A1.2

The water is almost as troubled as the land above it!

  1. A Little Less Boxy

    I Darkstar X
    -Adjusted ceilings in the final point area to make the area feel less like a box. Society does enough of that already.

    -Flipped the stairs at the start of the final area around again. Hopefully that is significant.

    -Modified the front end of the red platform at the top of the interior zone so it is a little bit lower, which should hopefully be more interesting than it was before. Fingers crossed.

    -Some black magic with hints. You have no proof that there isn't a tiny digital witch inside...
  2. Four Bugs to Kill

    I Darkstar X
    -The Bridge triggers that let RED pass back and forth between the two buildings now do not go away when the point flips. Though realistically you could just smash the glass and escape.

    -The cart no longer rolls forward at the last point where it isn't supposed to. It has to wait for death like the rest of us.

    -BLU's second spawn now has lights. Maybe Blutarch forgot to pay the electricity bill or something.


    Strafe 3 has been enabled. I was flip-flopping on...
  3. Now With a Whopping FOUR Points!

    I Darkstar X
    The map now has four control points!

    That's really about it. Yep. No puns today.
  4. Improved Life Quality

    I Darkstar X
    -The gray part of the bridge path has been visually improved. I like 2/1 slopes and I cannot lie.

    -The gray part has been widened a tiny bit at the second and third platforms where most of the fighting happened, so it is less precarious to traverse.

    -Added guardrails to the gray part. Now you have even less chance for falling off like that. You know who you are.

    -A great deal of attempts at optimization. Areaportals are a mite tricky.

    -The B point fort is made entirely from brushes now...
  5. (Not) Sponsered by TF2Maps Discord

    I Darkstar X
    -Made the debris created when the shipping container drops smaller. I can't think of a way to make that into a pun of "leave no stone unturned."

    -The battlements Blue door now is less jank. It looks considerably more flimsy now though, but that's fine probably.

    -All catwalks have had their texture scaled down and given a border so they're easier to see. Now you have no excuse for walking off the edge.

    -The Red tanks have been clipped so they cannot be stood on. They're private property,...
  6. A Whole New Briiiiidge

    I Darkstar X
    -The bridge has been redone, with props being used to block off the path instead of make a path. The main track instead curls underneath the bridge. It certainly looks janky, but anything is better than prop spam, right?

    -Blue spawn has had some work done and should hopefully feel much less cramped than it did before. No more bopping your heads, unless you really try.

    -All dead RED team members respawn instantly upon A being capped. Get out there and take your revenge!

    -The pointless...
  7. Helicopters, No Blocakdes, and Catwalks, oh my!

    I Darkstar X
    -Changed a lot of pickups, such as Orange Crane Building having a full on the top floor and medium on the bottom.

    -Removed 3/4 of the blockades

    -Cart no longer reverses when the crate drops

    -Crate drop looks better

    -Added a catwalk from behind B to midway from B to the Tunnel

    -Cut off second Red Spawn to further limit sightlines

    -Changed tunnel track to no longer go sideways

    -Better indicated clips of houses

    -Added a small doorway at the back of B's Fort.
  8. Now with Entities

    I Darkstar X
    -Compiled with entities. Thank goodness I checked.
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