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Suspension Bridge A1.2

The water is almost as troubled as the land above it!

  1. TheFluffycart
    Version: PA2
    Being 100% honest here, the map is a mess. Looking at everything before A, blue spawn is a cramped mess, the buildings off to the side are really janky, with it not adding anything to the map. The delays in the path aren't exciting, and the crates around there are just annoying to deal with. Past that, it's just Prop Spam: The Map. Rework everything, and focus on using brushes more (You can't make props into a layout). Also, please listen to feedback more. I've left multiple paragraphs with small fixes, and you ignored the important ones. I'm sorry, but it's just not fun
    1. I Darkstar X
      Author's Response
      I did not ignore anything, and I truly apologize if it seems I did. Unless my count is wrong, the only fix I did not implement in PA2 is redoing the bridge, which is a monumental task compared to adding a few props to indicate a clip or deleting objects. And I do intend to change it.

      Again, I am sorry if it seems like I ignored your suggestions. I appreciate your comments greatly, they really help me get better.
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