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  1. PiLoGuN

    Multi Stage riseofgods a1

    This map is one of my personal favorites. Never tested it. The idea of this map is that every stage is made for 1-2 classes specifically. (this probably isn't a good idea).
  2. I Darkstar X

    Suspension Bridge A1.2

    Trying my hand at another map project. Payload this time, since I enjoy mapping for that gamemode over any others. It is, or will be, fairly large, but dense enough that the issue of scale is nullified. The centerpiece being a large suspension bridge over some murky water. The payload begins...
  3. Spleep

    koth_lifeline A1B

    This map took me a while because I kept taking breaks from it. Hopefully it plays well enough. Probably a bit too big atm.
  4. d3adfin

    koth_snowdome a1

    (apologies if this map is shit, this is like the second map i've finished to the point where it's playable and the first time i've used this website ) here's a nice little snow level that's mostly finished it's actually just a straight line with some fancy open buildings but it's pretty cool...
  5. Dat Eagle ™

    Bianco Hills V5

    It's a large open map inspired by the original Bianco Hills from Super Mario Sunshine. This version contains: Fire Flowers [ as common spells ] Jump Pads [ if a Player uses the Jump Pads he gets a 10 seconds delay time to use it again ] Moving Boats [ Engineers can build on them too! ]...
  6. Bakscratch

    Wooden Doors v2

    A set of 3 (1 mirrored) wooden door. Complete with 8 different skins. -------------------------------------------- They do contain specular map if you do not want this, feel free to just comment the "$envmap" & "$envmapmask". -------------------------------------------- Please don't decompile...
  7. I Darkstar X

    KOTH_Rotation B1

    KOTH_Rotation is my second map, be gentle. But not too gentle. --- I wrote a little lore for the map, if anyone is interested. --- This large map is artistically unique from the source material. Whether or not that's a good thing I'll let you decide. The RED and BLU teams each start in a small...
  8. Acacius

    trade_avast v1

    My first map- a simple trade map. The lighting is different than most, as this map has more of a sunset skybox as opposed to an ordinary bright, sunny day. This map would suit small and large servers alike. Features of the map: Large spawn rooms with trigger_hurt entities (which allows for...
  9. Mat$Max

    KOTH Cliffs A2

    koth_cliffs is a medium to large koth map that takes place between the cliffs of two mountains. It is set in a time of war and therefor has assets from the frontlline pack. This map is far from finished and still has many mistakes. This is pretty much my first map so it's a bit of practice too...
  10. Kyzer

    CP_7 A3

    Tour [A1] I'll be hosting an impromptu later today if I feel like doing it. I don't have a name or a theme yet for the map.
  11. LordGrape

    Woog rc1

    I have taken into consideration you guys' great feedback, and after a brief hiatus, Grape Industries thought it would be a cool idea to create an arena map! so that is what I have done here. It is not a box, and the gameplay is streamlined for public 12v12 combat. Enjoy! LordGrape C.E.O. of...