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  1. Stack Man

    Team Skeletons a1

    Lets you spawn Red and Blue team skeletons using tf_zombie_spawner. Powered by VScript. The trigger_multiples in the prefab convert unteamed and unnamed skeletons to a specific team. A trigger for neutral skeletons exists to name them, preventing them from being converted elsewhere. Simply...
  2. Pinewabble

    72hr Jam 2022 Expiration date crash dummy V1

    Initially meant as a prop for a taunt, but will have to see if that will happen, so for now its a skeleton replacement. I might at some point make a static prop version that's standing on some rack or something...
  3. Ismaciodismorphus

    Horus Skeleton Survival a1

    Fight skeletons forever The funny jump pad fight arena from serious sam siberian mayhem Thank you to yaki for their wonderful skeleton thingo You fight skeletons forever there are some jump pads some skeletons will put a cap in your ass
  4. Dupiter

    Skeletomb Event B6

    WARNING #1: This is a fairly bad map (in my eyes) WARNING #2: This map is not finished DISCLAIMER: I doubt I'll ever finish this map (Yeah it's not a good map. But still way better than my older maps.) This is a re-upload because I accidentally deleted the original version
  5. MegapiemanPHD

    Skeletons that drop Player Destruction points v3

    As seen on pd_farmageddon: What is this prefab? -Ever wanted to make a player destruction map where skeletons drop points? Well, now you can! Simply edit this prefab to fit your needs and go nuts! -Be sure to include the logic from the timers as...
  6. Salvador_DS

    Modular Skeleton Props 2020-06-21

    Hey you! Are you disappointed in the lack of skeleton props default TF2 has? WELL FEAR NO MORE! With this pack you can do whatever you want in your skeletal endeavors. There is no custom texture associated with the models because there's already a default normal one in the game files. So in case...
  7. Yaki

    New Skeletons Prefab V4

    What is this prefab? This comes with three files which tell you all about how to make a more complex (and better working) Skeleton in TF2. (!) Please check out the readme that comes with the pack for more info. This prefab demonstrates: How to put hats, glowing eyes, even a bomb head (that...
  8. zythe_

    Graveyard a3

    [some screeshots may be outdated] Graveyard is a koth halloween map with a special gimmick: Theres 2 controll points, one in the main map and one in the underworld! Owning both hills speeds up the timer! The underworld is accessable 24/7 after A is captured.
  9. <��SPARTAN1179090™��>

    I have an idea but need help

    My idea involves the skeletons and the headless horseman when you die by the horseman you character gets turned into a skeleton and fights with him. Is there any way to build this into a map or any idea how to do this without getting a server and putting it as a plugin? I want it to be built...
  10. DudeTheNinja

    Minecraft-styled Bat Outta Hell 2018-07-30

    Replaces the Bat Outta Hell with a Skeleton from Minecraft. Features team variants - a Wither Skeleton for BLU, and a regular one for RED.
  11. Peppridge Farms

    Some odd questions

    Okay so to star with: Most of these questions I searched the internet for and the forums here, and I didnt find anything close to what I needed. Please provide some step by step instructions for whatever you CAN answer 1.) Can/how do you make fog lift and come down again, similar to what...
  12. Peppridge Farms

    TF2 logic_timer

    So I recently completed almost everything on a map I am making for my group, a halloween themed map. However, I set a logic_timer entity to fire even 120 seconds which will spawn tf_zombie (skeletons) entities as well as one skeleton king. I can get it to spawn them once but the timer wont reset...
  13. chemelia

    Player Destruction - Skeleton War V2

    I was gonna use this to make a hallow's eve map but I wouldn't have finished it in time and I'm not very good at making maps in the first place. So I decided to just put it up here in case someone else wants to do it. In this version of player destruction, kill enemies to get skulls(cores, fuel...
  14. Void

    Slasher RC2

    Welcome to Camp Saxton! Summer may be over, but the Halloween hauntings of autumn have just begun, and they're all back - with a vengeance! Slasher revolves around a custom boss battle roulette system - every two minutes, a new randomized threat will spawn to take on the players and fight them...