Sewer Rats A3

Your team thought of the perfect plan... To hide intel in a sewer! Uh-oh. Looks like they did too!

  1. Signs, Snipers, colors, and the fall of the tyrannous pyroshark

    It's me sized!
    Map update includes:
    -Team Colours
    -Intel signs
    -Removal of one-way door
    -More health/ammo packs
    -More defined intel room
    -More shallow water
    -Reduced sniper sights
    -Water texture changed back to swamp water
    -Fixed small doors' respawn visualizers
    -Slightly edited overall layout
  2. The Aesthetic Update

    It's me sized!
    A small update to my map, Includes the following changes:
    -Better lighting
    -Cubemaps (apparently people don't like purple water.)
  3. The Third dimension arrives!

    It's me sized!
    Update includes:
    More Flanks
    More Height variation
    Less having to fight through the enemy's spawn to get to the intel
    Clearer water