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  1. Little Skull Kid

    Courtyard 1.1

    Battle it out at late night in the inner courtyard of these two factories to control this rather important (trust me) satellite dish! A mirrored King of the Hill map, rather straightforward and small in length, but with lots of flank routes and industrial-sized vertical height. My first map...
  2. Hey Xolf

    Sewers a1a

    -Description: For this map, I went with the idea of the mercenaries having a fight in a big area of sewers, for now I haven't thought of a reason of why they're fighting in the sewers (for lore & gameplay). When you take a look at the map, you will notice that there's not much of deep water or...
  3. bucklingspring

    koth_wastestore_72hr a1

    Wastestore is a small, multi-level KOTH map with an industrial aesthetic I created for the 2022 72-Hour Jam. Special thanks to @Cindycomma for the "Jamboree" event poster used in this map!
  4. zythe_

    zythe_umc17 a5

    red team is dumping toxic chemicals into the ocean and blue team is not having it! they plan to destroy reds main turbine by blowing it up! despite blue doing the exact same thing........
  5. MKNZ

    Sewer Rats a2

    A map designed for TF2C, where the neon annihilator doesn't exist, and therefore can't ruin it.
  6. MegapiemanPHD

    Toxicity a8

    It's not a "real" FPS game unless it has a sewer level. TF2 has some making up to do Layout and design: MegapiemanPHD, Zeus Jump pad particles: Yrr Wasted Cement Truck: Rain (tf2 emporium vehicle prop pack)
  7. Dr. Orange

    Canyon 3 A1

    Canyon 3 is a capture the flag map where you have to take the enemy intelligence and bring it back to your base. You can not pick up the enemy intelligence unless your own team's intelligence is at your base, and touching your dropped intelligence will return it immediately. There are multiple...
  8. zythe_

    Storm a1

    [PROJECT ABANDONED] It's raining i guess
  9. zythe_

    Sewer Side a1

    [PROJECT ABANDONED] This map features a modified version of ctf. There is a timer that starts at a generous 10min and every time the flag is capped it adds 1 minute and every time the flag returns it adds 30sec. Also you don't deliver the enemy flag back to you'rs. Instead you bring it to a...
  10. Jackhammer881

    koth_sewageplant A2

    Sewageplant is a small koth map,it is based in a sewage treatment plant. It features explosive barrels of toxic waste, water tunnels and gameplay at varying heights. This map was made in 72 hours as an entry into the 2018 TF2 Summer Jam. View:
  11. JViktor

    Drainage B1

    The first map I ever finished. A CTF map set in a waste drainage facility. Be careful around the waste water, because it will damage you. Also use the pipe system to your advantage... when you fall on the water, get close to the sewer grates, because they act as teleporters that get you out of...
  12. It's me sized!

    Sewer Rats A3

    I'm back, baby! This time with a map that takes place in a sewer! I do hope this map can turn out to be one of quality in the end. Of course, it can only turn out good if I have YOUR help! Yes, YOU!