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HUGE amount of stuff changed between this release and the last, including but not limited to:
  • Spawn Redesign: It is as sleek as a baby's behind compared to the unsightly behemoth that was A1's spawn.
  • MANY central point changes, notably the complete redesign of the barns around the point.
  • Turned down the capture time from 12 seconds to 10 seconds.
  • Worked on optimization (It no longer renders the entire map at once, hooray!)
  • Subsequently killed optimization somewhat with removal of areaportals. They were breaking things, and I couldn't fix it.
  • Maaany many many many displacement changes. Not really special, but it's there.
Known issues are:
  1. small bits of Z-fighting in places
  2. Small bits of nodraw-wall syndrome in places (notably the Large Barns)
  3. Misplaced healthpacks (Inconsistent locations {I was tired dangit})
  4. Misaligned textures (not really a biggie for an A2)
  5. No cubemaps in the map (will be added soon but not now)
And now, for your dose of images.






PS the map is now Sandpoint instead of Sandblast.
Alright, everything SHOULD be functional now.

Added a couple health and ammo kits, fixed even MORE clipping, and other small stuff.

EDIT: For archival purposes, I am putting old version images here.

Some wonderful people bugtested my map and now it's a full-blown update!

Full of clipping additions and subtractions, some roofs are now accessible or passable! Lighting fixes abound, and no more holes in the world to be found (that you can get into)