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  1. ethosaur

    koth_coalyard a1

    Kinda messed this up a lot, doubt I will really finish it, but I guess we will see... Anyway, this was my quick attempt at trying to make something within the given timeframe for the 72hr jam! The map is not really playable yet, as it is missing many vital gameplay elements, such as clips...
  2. SaltyPapi

    Best methodology for symmetrical maps

    Hi, I'm working on my first map, working Title: koth_waterworks, and I'm looking to make it a mirrored koth map. I've already figured that it'd be best to only build one half of the map for the most part, and then mirror it to make it playable (with all of the gameplay logic and spawns, etc.)...
  3. chin

    chin a7

    A standard CTF map made by me, smig (aka chin). Made for the Back to Basics contest 2019. A speedy entrance to open windows overlooking the intel room allow you to clear out any campers below after winning a midfight. One way shutter gate dropdowns let you quickly access the intelligence...
  4. Thewtus

    Landline a4

    Red and Blu fight over some phone lines. A simple koth map. Possibly for the back2basics competition.
  5. AlexCookie

    Medieval Little Burgh B1A

    Oh no, a medieval map!
  6. Goodnight Girl

    koth_launchpad a3

    Things I already wanna change/add gameplay-wise - extending the outcropping outside the point area - either replace one of the elevators with a down elevator or add a one-way drop-tube somewhere neutral -make the roof another place to drop onto the point
  7. JargonJC

    Sandblast a2

    A map I made over the course of a month, I got carried away with detailing... Anyhow, this map presents a unique challenge to either team: hold the point with potential attacks coming from all directions! Plenty of flanks allow for both teams to get behind each other, and a large amount of the...
  8. Malavek

    KOTH_Maladex 1.0.0

    This map is based around quarries, this is a WIP map! any feedback is highly accepted!
  9. JargonJC

    Jetway a1

    A map set within the halls of a airport, both red and blu are trying to take over the airport to gain rights to sell off the airplanes at this old airport.
  10. red3pit

    Ajmer a2

    5cp map with mid point on a bridge and deadly water under it. Couldn't be worse. Screens: To do list: - resize/redo area from mid to second
  11. Rytu

    72hr koth_comet B4

    Symmetric koth map set on the moon, featuring caves, rocks/crystals and an unusual amount of computers. Map made for the 72Hr jam. Contributor :
  12. Dr. Orange

    Maybe A1

    Maybe may be a capture the flag map made by me. It's designed to hopefully maybe not be too bad. Maybe.
  13. BigBang1112

    72hr Naturefall reupload

    I thought I'll do something pretty weird and retarded, but I just got a gamemode idea. So I use it for this map. Which team will pick australium first, that team will become offenders and the other team defenders. Offenders need to send the australium to the room next to their base. Pretty...
  14. Zuket

    koth_halfbaked A3

    My first map that was originally inspired by the mid-point on cp_well, that it now no longer bears an resemblance to.
  15. MyNameIsNotPa

    Haywire A2

    Haywire (name pending) is my first attempt at finishing a TF2 map. The layout of the map is supposed to be relatively simple KOTH, with a somewhat unique element in the fact that the control point is raised and accessible by two different side buildings. The visual style will be similar to...
  16. ProfHappycat

    cp_fivefourths a5

    my 2nd map on tf2maps, cp_fivefourths! a symmetrical 3cp map made for the 72hrs TF2 jam (although i never entered it) if you're wondering where the name is from, it's from a gorillaz song called 5/4