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RocketForge b2

TF2 industrial rockets

  1. Adjustments

    -adjusted server room to stop sightline
    -adjusted clippings
    -added clippings to forklift
    -added lighting to various areas
  2. little things and bits

    -updated spawn times
    -updated clipping on last
    -adjusted forklift placement
    -adjusted respawn room visualizer to now be centered
  3. clippings

    -fixed clipping issues from previous versions
    -adjusted certain areas in the skybox to prevent glitch to be able to see into a room
    -realigned door frame textures
  4. buffer zone

    -added bufferzone between B and choke point
    -updated clippings
    -added health/ammo drops

    -added ramp to balcony on last
    -adjusted cap times
    - added some props
  6. new last

    -revamped last controlpoint
    -revamped red spawn
    -adjusted health kits/ammo packs
    -added overlays to hp/ammo
    -adjusted lighting
    -revamped flank that was dropdown now a balcony
    -balcony with windows that can be shot through are now solid
  7. props

    -removed prop(s) possibly causing client crash
    -added brush props in place of above ^
    -reduced spawn times of both red & blu after first point capture
    -door from A that opens with blu's capture of A now take much longer to open
    -added props to allow non-jumping classes fair grounds
    -adjusted clippings
    -added props to help break up A Lobby area
  8. spawn times

    -updated red spawn times
    -added cover to B for red
    -moved red spawn back
    -adjusted health/ammo drops
    -fixed prop and lighting issues
    -added second door to blu forward
    -increased time for door for blu flanking to open
  9. forward spawns

    -added forward spawn for blu
    -adjusted spawn times
    -adjusted lighting in various areas
    -added extra flank route from A upper into side house/drop down area
    -removed and adjusted some hp/ammo pickups
    -adjusted various clippings
    -added rocket explosions
    -added props
  10. First Point and Things

    -revised entrances to A
    -remove first tunnel system
    -expanded first point area
    removed doorways in favor of a better layout
    -added lower flank route with cover
    -revised spawn times
    -added one-way windows for blu pre-flanking
    -added upper flank windows for blu approach on B
    -adjusted various lighting
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