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  1. bajablink

    Sputnik A10

    I've been working on this for about 2 days, the final point is from wayy back from last year.
  2. A Smooth Criminal

    Silo V5A

    Hello. I got Hammer++ recently for fun. I've never done mapping before and I thought I'd just mess around for a bit with the editor to see what it could do. Little did I know that it'd turn into 3 days of my life pretty much being dedicated entirely to this thing. It may not have perfected...
  3. Jameson

    Adrift rc1

    Adrift is a duel map set on a Gray space station with rockets and grenade launchers for Open Fortress Layout is clearly Inspired by longest yard Theming and detail is similar to OF's mctf_longestyard but in the style of Gray Gravel Co. Pro Version: This is...
  4. nesman

    CP Baxter

    Baxter - Blu fights Red in their mountain base. Baxter state park. The tallest mountain in Maine has a secret base inside of it that Blu team wants.
  5. Ismaciodismorphus

    Grain Entrapment a2

    Original map by Squeezit I am continuing porter i have already added more cover to the control points, changed/ added routes and added some details.
  6. Atore

    arena_highbay_a1 2021-06-24

    A map that I'm working on. It's still very unfinished, and it still has no lighting and full of dev textures. This version is mainly for me to test out gameplay and the basic geometry of the map. Anyway, please give me feedback, on whether the map is too small or too big or whatever. It will...
  7. Dasprucegoose

    Ozark a2

    cant think of a good desc. right now.
  8. Dommler

    sd_sherman b1 sd_sherman features: - a vertical special delivery map - changing paths depending on the australium beeing picked up or returning to the dropsite what is new: - new rocket model - different rocket animation - added textures what are...
  9. Mess About

    bfr a1

    Another map that was meant to be submitted to the B2B contest. It features: - Direct sightlines between 2 intel rooms through the middle area, allow Snipers to play "point and click" with each others (and stop bothering other players), prevent Engineers from strengthen their defense so easily...
  10. Tango

    Scatman _a1

    I really can not think of anything clever to say, but, Custom content: Rocket skin: MaccyF Custom Capture point hologram: DioJoestar
  11. Huntsman Sniper

    koth_WOMD A1

    The mercs fight for control of a rocket armed with a powerful nuclear warhead. The supports for the rocket can be charged up as Demoman and a high skybox allows for lots of jumping around as Soldier.
  12. Emil_Rusboi

    Venera a1a

    Somewhere in space... maybe on Venus... BLU trying to take out RED space base
  13. DrLinnerd

    Rocket Valley V1

    For this map I took a lot of inspiration from Halo maps like Blood Gulch, hence the name.
  14. Ampulla of Vater

    King of the Quarry a1

    When the Mann brothers bought this section of the Badlands, they discovered not only gravel in this Quarry, but oil. Saxton Hale took over the Quarry after the passing of the brothers, and decided to make it his base in the badlands.
  15. nesman

    RocketForge b3

    Inspired from foundry and various industrial themed maps. I present Rocketforge, RED defends a rocket launch from BLU in their industrial complex in the desert.
  16. CookO'Lo |

    Pyro is Watching (UPDATED)

    AT734[/ATTACH] I tried my best. It's really BAD. And this is the poster with the most dedication, yet I FAILED. Oh yeah, the poster is about a pyro watching a friendly scout die. Resources: SFM PAINT 3D Krita Photo's Edit & Create Steam Profile:
  17. Osspial

    Publisher A1a

    A 2CP arena map, in which you fight to gain control over a rocket-launch facility situated on the edge of a cliff.
  18. Sgt Steel

    Block bullets but not rockets

    I had an idea for a rj map using sentry guns for a unique twist. One part of this idea requires the use of the level 3 sentry's rockets without its bullets. As it doesn't seem there is any way for me to set its bullet count to 0 while still giving it infinite rockets (or even at all), I resorted...
  19. HOI

    jump_cow FINAL

    Easy cow themed soldier jump map 2 courses 3 bonuses
  20. Sock

    How to make a brush that clips only players (not rockets)?

    Hi, I'm relatively new to hammer, so this might be a bit of a noob question. I'm making a glass wall that I wish projectiles (like rockets) to pass through. I found the "Clip" texture, but I want to use a glass texture instead of the clip...