RocketForge b3

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-completely reartpassed
-new 3d skybox
-tweaked routes
-fixed soundscapes
-Updated Textures
-Optimized Things

Been a while since I touched hammer. couple months.
-art passed
-my sad attempt at a 3d skybox was made
-some areas will need some better texture work
-looking for detailing feedback and not much gameplay because it passed 18 versions of gameplay.
No major layout changes were made. More testing data is needed first before those can be made.

-raised blu forward spawn in an attempt to help guide players towards battle and not away from it like in previous versions
-added ammo kits on last
-fixed overlays under pickups
really been trying to make it so A is able to be defended
-removed blu flank that could lead to A without seeing combat
-widened cap zone
-removed a "flank" in blu lobby
-fixed hl2 water texture

Hopefully this isnt to much of a drastic change that it throws off the feel of the map.
-made a main route to A from blu spawn
-added covered area for red on A
-removed stair case from behind A
-replace ^^^^ with a tunnel under main route to B
-added water in new tunnel
-adjusted various hp/ammo packs
-added room with windows overlooking A to restrict blu pushing ability
-lowered oneway door on B to be levelish with cap point
-made A much more defendable
-added various overlays and signage
-added route for blu to flank on last leading above point
-shrunk area before final point
-added light door door that closes when A is capped
-removed path in first lobby outside of blu original spawn
-added one way door to last
-removed flank from last on left side
-removed flank from A on right side
-added props to A balcony
-added route on last for blu to flank
-adjusted red route from spawn on left side to allow for blu flank
-added health/ammo packs on new route
-added "tank" to first capzone along with pipes
-adjusted sightlines on last
-realigned glass on red spawn
-fixed issue where HDR was locked on