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First release
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Attack/Defense CP
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Latest updates

  1. new artpass

    -completely reartpassed -new 3d skybox -tweaked routes -fixed soundscapes -optimized
  2. Textures

    -Updated Textures -Optimized Things Been a while since I touched hammer. couple months.
  3. hey look a beta

    -art passed -my sad attempt at a 3d skybox was made -some areas will need some better texture work -looking for detailing feedback and not much gameplay because it passed 18 versions of gameplay.

Latest reviews

Pros -
Fun to play

great placements of pickups, would be nice to have more metal on last though.

looks good even for dev textures

Cons -
Hard to hold last. The one way door on last is really powerful for blu, We setup a tele by the window and a sentry by the train. Red was forced to push into the train room to get advanced footing.

sewers are a bit jank

A bit laggy but its still in alpha