72hr Rations A6b

Collect breads to win

  1. Alpha 6b: To Boat or Not to Boat


    The download for this version is .zip containing 2 versions of the map. Don't just put the .zip in your maps folder.

    -First version[pd_rations_72_a6b] has the boat capture zone
    -Second version[pd_rations_72_a6b_noboat] has the old capture zones, at your home base
    -Both versions
    -Opened up and streamlined more areas of the map
    -Changed mid point value to 3 again(sorry, I'm being really indecisive about this)...​
  2. Alpha 6: Prepare Your Boats

    -Continued detailng for some reason
    -Removed base capture zones
    -Added a boat capture zone
    -The boat comes every 2:30 and stays for 45 seconds, during which players can drop their bread into it
    -Players are killed if they ride the boat too far
    -Timers changed to indicate when the boat will come and for how long it will stay​
    -Added some stairs back onto plan from the ice bits
    -Extended out the water
    -Added nobuilds where necessary

    Plans for next update: maybe add a route...
  3. Alpha 5

    -Fixed a collision bug on the spiral ramp
    -Filled in some walls to make general flow better
    -Decreased value of mid breads
    -Fixed lighting on all progress visualizations
    -Added cover at and detailed middle capture zone
    -Simplified indoor portion of mid
    -Simplified the diagonal balcony route

    If anyone has any suggestions for where the capture zones should be moved, I'd love to hear them!
  4. Alpha 4

    -Skipped alpha 3
    -Added some light detailing around mid
    -Opened up the indoor routes
    -Fixed timers on team base capture zones
    -Fixed sound effects, they now play every time rather than just the first time
    -Added particle effects to when bread spawns
    -Shortened reset time when bread is dropped
    -Improved clipping
  5. Alpha 2b

    -Moved spawns back
    -Changed health amounts
    -Changed amount of points for each player
    -Hopefully fixed alarm sounds
    -Added more lights
  6. alpha 1b

    i honestly don't remember everything I added and changed