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72hr Jam 2022 Rations A6b

Collect breads to win

In this gamemode, collect bread from either the neutral middle zone or the enemy team's base and bring it to the boat when it arrives. unlock bread by standing in the zone for a certain amount of time.

Will possibly be Frontline detailed in the future.

-Egan: for coming up with and getting player destruction ingame
-LeSwordfish: for running the 72hr Summer Jam 2016
-killohurtz: for hosting many very long impromptu tests
First release
Last update
Player Destruction

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Latest updates

  1. Alpha 6b: To Boat or Not to Boat

    FINAL JAM VERSION, A6B The download for this version is .zip containing 2 versions of the map. Don't just put the .zip in your maps folder. -First version[pd_rations_72_a6b] has the boat capture zone -Second version[pd_rations_72_a6b_noboat]...
  2. Alpha 6: Prepare Your Boats

    -Continued detailng for some reason -Removed base capture zones -Added a boat capture zone -The boat comes every 2:30 and stays for 45 seconds, during which players can drop their bread into it -Players are killed if they ride the boat too far...
  3. Alpha 5

    -Fixed a collision bug on the spiral ramp -Filled in some walls to make general flow better -Decreased value of mid breads -Fixed lighting on all progress visualizations -Added cover at and detailed middle capture zone -Simplified indoor portion...