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  1. God's fiddler

    Snack attack IRL 2022-07-24

    The snack attack, my favorite spy item in tf2, inspired by the expiration date short.
  2. KrazyZark

    TF2 p30 Stepvan V1

    RED BREAD! comes with 6 skins Geerld's light session:
  3. Мультяник

    Hungry Robotics

    My first job on tf2 jam. I hope you enjoy it View:
  4. Tick Magnet

    pd_novgorod_a1 2019-07-23

    Things have changed and so has Novgorod! After some amazing feedback the map has changed from koth to pd! First team to capture 100 bread monsters win and watch out for the grinder! Thanks to everybody helping me make the best map possible! Huge thanks to :) Ueak Crash Boojum Snark...
  5. Cappy Snappy

    Bread Monster Meets A Headcrab 2017-08-06

    This is my submission to the 2017 TF2Maps 72hr Jam. Hope ya like it!
  6. SuccisThicc

    72hr The Face of Wheat (Incomplete) 2017-02-12

    The Face of Wheat: What is it? - A slice of bread, inspired by what people do to their cats and put a slice of bread over the head for something funny to look at. Classes? - Heavy or all-class, but mostly all-class Styles? - There are 2 styles; Baked/Original, just the slice of bread and...
  7. chemelia

    72hr Rations A6b

    In this gamemode, collect bread from either the neutral middle zone or the enemy team's base and bring it to the boat when it arrives. unlock bread by standing in the zone for a certain amount of time. Will possibly be Frontline detailed in the future. THANKS TO: -Egan: for coming up with and...