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Multi Stage Rapid Robotics a2

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Multi Stage Rapid Robotics a2

A custom payload map where you can stun the payload with damage

Jungle assets made by Sean "heyo" Cutino.

This is a custom payload map I've been working on and off with since the release of Vscript.
The main "gimmick" of this map is that the payload cart has a health bar. RED team can shoot the payload, which stuns the cart from moving for a small amount of time.

Known bugs:
  • The cart cannot be headshot by any rifle, aside from the huntsman for some reason???
  • The cart cannot take status effects, such as jarate or marked-for-death.

I plan at some point to allow the cart to be healed (not sure about ubered) by BLU medics (probably with decreased uber build rate), but my knowledge of VScript is somewhat limited and I have no idea how to do this, with or without the base_boss entity.

WIP, currently very early release and only one stage atm, but I plan to create more stages in the future.
First release
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Latest updates

  1. Improving the Payload Cart

    The map layout has practically not changed, this update focuses on some stuff under-the-hood. The cart no longer uses a prop_dynamic on top of the base_boss entity in order to allow animations (Thanks so much TF2Maps Discord members!) The...