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  1. FrostyHoneyJuicy

    Pineway a1

    Welcome to Pineway! 72hr Arena Map
  2. Opplydead

    dirtvalley 05

    You're tracking mud all over the battlements, soldier! Maybe you should be spending less times playing in the mud and spend more time defending one of many, simultaneously cappable points, or even begin a defense at your last. You never know when the cloak and daggers lurk patiently on the...
  3. shermp

    cp_drainwash b1

    A small, and very linear simple and basic 5CP map, sawmill themed.
  4. Ivan's Cheat Engine

    koth_KingHill A6

    Hi! I haven't updated my map in a long time. It's time to get back into it. KingHill_A2 is basically a fix for the previous version of A1. I made the skybox higher and made some places less cramped. Plus, I added a new way to take a point. I hope this map will give you more positive emotions...
  5. Aapelikaeki

    Emilcakey MC6 2020-07-25

    Entry for the 6th microcontest by me and Emil_Rusboi! Start in the city and push the payload trough the Theme Park gates, past the Tea Cup Carousel and finally into an oddly shallow pit right in front of a shitty chin cutout on a throne. uses chin cutout and slaugher and laugher assets
  6. swagmeister

    Delivery A26

    My second map. I've definitely evolved as a mapper since Steamroll (which was my first map, and was never tested). I'm glad to say that I'm proud of this map. All the map screenshots will probably be in Hammer, because it's easier than hopping into TF2 to take pics
  7. FloofCollie

    Pancake A4a

    In keeping with my tradition, my entry for this year's 72hr Jam was scrapped and I started again with a fraction of the time left. Certainly an improvement over last year's 6 hour CTF atrocity :) I'm quite proud of this for the angled geometry, which is something I don't normally do, and the...
  8. JLuka

    DirtyBomb a3

    bomb intel model by ChickenLover the bomb is what inspired this map idea Saddle up in a fast paced bomb delivery gamemode. Grab the time bomb and send it to the enemies weapon and moonshine cache. YEEHAW don't...
  9. Vanuz

    Den a1

    Compact (I guess) symmetrical 3cp map.
  10. ComradeRoffel

    cp_fanbase A3

    halo 2 zanzibar inspired 3 point A/D map, gravelpit style. Last point has a giant deadly fan on it, when capping B the fan will spin slower.
  11. Rissy

    Travel Trouble 2018-07-28

    Small description: Yep, this is my first project made for this contest. Maybe it`s not so well done poster, but still looks pretty good. Made in 7 hours using Hammer World Editor for geometry of the poster, SFM for main details and the Photoshop for polishing. Content used: -Model of Cosmich on...
  12. Dayal

    Oregon A1

    Old Freyja map coated with a new theme.
  13. Midlou

    Ice Tower RC5

    King of the Hill - Ice Tower Special Thanks: Bruno and Chapelaria AY | Professor Workshop:
  14. OctoBlitz

    Frigid A2A

    My entry into the Connect 5 mapping contest and my first real attempt at Attack/Defend. Set in an abandoned lumber mill in the mountains, this map was inspired by Coldfront, Barnblitz, Overgrown, and Lumberyard, and I will improve on the layout and gameplay based on these inspirations as...
  15. FrugeleConLag

    72hr medicine 2017-02-11

    Happy doctor
  16. ISPuddy

    Toggle Day/Night b1?

    How this w0rk? change fog change tonemap change color correction (2fort and ghost fort) toggle zhe light_environment toggle night and moon brush The Files: - pprefab_daynight1.vmf - test_daynight1.bsp The Good: NO NEED TO PLACE OVER 9000 LIGHTS The...
  17. nesman

    72Hr Jam SFM Poster "Sniper: Bad Day"

    Hello all! Here is my submission for the 2016 Summer Jam 72HR contest! Enjoy! Made in SFM (C) Valve.
  18. OctoBlitz

    Do you guys prefer Night maps or Day maps?

    I am currently looking for a skybox for a map I am adopting and I wanted to know if you guys like day or night maps due to the only non-event night koth maps are koth_king and koth_probed. Thank you for your help BlitzVS
  19. damnedge

    cp_viper_industries 2016-04-29

    Viper's Industrial Complex or Viper_Industries for short, was built around an old daming system for hydro power. It has long since been rescaped into a true battle ground, from open air areas scattered with cargo shipping containers(used to cover up the true nature of the complex from the...