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  1. Zerro

    Minehill a16

    Minehill is a snowy map set high in mountains that was used as a mining facility . As a result of the mining company going bankrupt it was abandoned . Soon the lower parts of the mine became flooded which created the acid lake that now lies at the bottom of the valley.
  2. F

    Snowdrop Stage 1 a4

    Stage 1 of Snowdrop, a Multi-Stage Payload map where Blu must fight their way up Red's Base deep in the freezing cold mountains of... New Mexico? Wherever it is, Blu thinks its important enough to send their best mercs out there to blow it up. Since this is a Multi-Stage map, the different...
  3. Erk

    Jam Dam 2022 2022-07-25

  4. Hrize

    Grounded A1

    My first playable king of the hill map
  5. MC_Labs15

    Nepal a30b

    A complete redesign of my old map, "Thermo" ( Set near the peak of a snowy mountaintop, push the cart into a secret laboratory concealed within and destroy the dastardly experiment inside! Thanks to Nesman for the turntable prefab
  6. Khaki Cap

    Radio Hotel a3a6

    (Map is being made by Khaki Cap and BonkieBlues) Greetings comrades. Both of your teams have been hired by our glorious to help us construct our newest hotel we will have in this tiny region. The work has been post poned so many times due to attacks on workers. And that's not all! We need...
  7. Dr. Bum |SCG|

    pl_redmondpeak a1

    A payload map set on the peak of a mountain. Its been a while since I made a TF2 map, years now. I was never really any good at it but I recently had an urge to create something so I slowly churned this map out. Since this is the first map I have made in a long time, I decided to keep things...
  8. Squaggies

    Andean a6b

    Originally made for the 2021 72 hour jam RED Team's subsidiarity "RED Ruins Reconstruction" has been adding onto Machu Picchu and ruining the timeless world wonder with their RED rockets and expensive modern housing! STOP THEM! Additional Credits Grassy Rocks Arrow Pack Oil Derrick Additional...
  9. ABpriceHI45

    Mountain Edge - Stage 2 a12

    screenshots later also inspired off valve's unfinished tf2 map - pl_cactuscanyon optimization might suck because map's on v1 stage lol!! Custom stuff credits;
  10. Hrize

    Crystalcold A1

    RED have found rare crystal high in the mountain and after mining it they will be able to sell it and enhance their weapons and ammunition. BLU will have a hard time dealing with RED and that's why they decided to destroy the crystal. Old explosive pal will do his job.
  11. ABpriceHI45

    Multi Stage Mountain Edge A14

    'Death Pits' everywhere, Be careful on edges, you'll die or something!!!!! My Official third map ever made, and it's a payload woweee goodluck and have fun [or not] {just in case} (maybe just in case) Custom stuff credits; Vans -...
  12. Dasprucegoose

    Forbidden a7a

    I doodled this layout while I was bored, so don't expect much. This map is inspired by the Disney ride "Expedition Everest", so it takes place inside a mountain, with some temples and things as well.
  13. Dasprucegoose

    Ozark a1

    Two rocket bases tucked away inside an Ozarks mountain range. Both teams fight to protect and take control of each others radio towers and base of operations. But first, they must take control of a helipad suspended above a large cliff, and a long fall down.
  14. Bull

    avalanche a10_v4

    Hey guys! Guess who's back after years of radio silence. I bring you a new one-stage payload map from yours truely. This map is set high in the mountains, and features many different fighting locations and (hopefully) happy engi spots too. I've played it myself a tad with friends and bots but...
  15. Frupcup™

    koth_cragtop B3

    Red and Blu find themselves competing for control of Mount Cragtop's crumbly, particulate gravel! King of the Hill - Cragtop is a competitive-focused KOTH map set in the alpine theme. The map features a half-indoor, half-outdoor style with various types of terrain to battle within. It follows...
  16. D

    DM Ashina Shrine b1

    "This sacred, secluded plateau is no longer a place of serenity and meditation. The monks are gone, but a presence lingers..." DM Ashina Shrine is a highly vertical Deathmatch map with many layers, sneaky ledges and jumps. In lieu of traditional spawn rooms, players drop in from above, allowing...
  17. Virtual Turtle

    Pine A1

    After playing TF2 for 8 years I decided it was time to build my first map! Pine is an action packed, alpine themed KOTH map, set in between the cliffs of Pine Mountain. It features a central point, set on a diagonal bridge! Feedback is highly encouraged & appreciated! View...
  18. Lars

    cp_shaftfall a1

    Sup, I've made a new map. My second one actually. It's a 3CP assault map located on a mountain. The map probably has alot of problem, both gameplayish and vissually, but that's what playtesting is for. I hope y'all can still enjoy this map.
  19. Princess Birchly

    Alpine Crag a4a1

    Alpine Crag is an Alpine themed MVM map taking place in a small mountainous American hunting village owned by Mann Co in order to collect expensive and endangered animal related products. Download link information: The download is a link to an external dropbox in of which it contains a ZIP...
  20. GreenyDTH

    MountainTop_Blast A4

    Your goal is to capture the point inside the big building in the center of the map. But be careful, cause any wrong move outside could lead you to a nasty fall to your death. My first KOTH map, and map in general. The map's layout is loosely inspired by Offblast, one of my favorite arena maps.