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  1. Francis_A2x

    koth_racket b5g

    A king of the hill map took place in an alleyway between urban and industrial areas.
  2. Georgequank

    Building001 Interior 1.0

    Building001 is a stock model that appears in maps such as Double Cross. RenmoeZinger on my server gave me a suggestion to make a version with a full interior, so I did! Everything on the prefab is stock, but you will have to add lighting yourself. The screenshots have lighting added. YouTube...
  3. ItsOnlyMilky

    Strongarm A1

    Strongarm is a KOTH map with a moving point! The point is suspended from the arm of the crane at the center of the map- the point is static at first, but when captured will begin to move as the crane rotates (clockwise when the point is controlled by BLU, and counter-clockwise when the point is...
  4. Khaki Cap

    Radio Hotel a3a6

    (Map is being made by Khaki Cap and BonkieBlues) Greetings comrades. Both of your teams have been hired by our glorious to help us construct our newest hotel we will have in this tiny region. The work has been post poned so many times due to attacks on workers. And that's not all! We need...
  5. bajablink

    koth_odyssey B1

    I tried. This is my second ever made map so please be gentle. The next major update I will do is making the lights look much nicer. Oh yeah also I put a nav file in there so its bot compatible. ;)
  6. AlexEatDonut

    arena_testinggrounds a3

    Something i've realized when making maps is that terrible maps are favored for community servers instead of actual good maps. So i made this threw away dump pile of tin can code quickly in hope of catching some mge kid's attention by making a map that is bad, bad, unbalenced, bad, untested and...
  7. Kepler

    CTF Overgrown A1

    A CTF map with a 6 minute timer (+1 minute on capture) that ends the game in a stalemate if both sides haven't won by the time the timer has ended and where the flag returns to base within 5 seconds of being dropped.
  8. Rocketboi

    koth_build_kick_a1 koth_build_kick_a1

    I tried to make a comp map.
  9. Printed Paper

    Sky Scrape rc1

    A Mann versus Machine map based on tall buildings in the process of being built. Players make their way inside the third building where the robots spawn. The robots exact spawn location should be obvious, as there are two massive gates. There are four smaller gates on each level, where tanks...
  10. Rubber Soul

    Stairway A2

    I had no idea how I was gonna incorporate a stairway in this map, so I simply made it go to powerups. Infact, this map's title should belong to another map I had a concept for. Honestly, I might aswell remove these stairways and make it a better map.
  11. Jakcie Chan

    pl_genericbuilding a4

    Hi, I made this first map to teach myself how to overall publish maps onto this site and experiencing play testing as a creator. I made this map to try and make flanking classes like scout or pyro be able to still do something vs red engies while making red still be able to defend. I did this...
  12. Captain Cactus

    Hut a3

    Back and slightly better than ever.
  13. Sirckel Brad

    Building A1

    You start in a building, fight your way to the top!
  14. Aapelikaeki

    High And Low 2018 - Aapelikaeki Final

    Aapelikaeki's High and Low 2018 entry. A tall technological BLU base near the ocean with clean corridoors and messy construction sites and server rooms. Credits Freecity Texture Pack Construction Theme Pack...
  15. Cindycomma

    Highandlow2018 Heronerald final

    It's a very tall building that is still under construction. If you take the elevator you go to the top of the building, and the only way down is falling to your death. Don't touch the glass
  16. Docteur Whoa

    Skyscraper RC1

    RED and BLU are fighting on the top of a Mann Co. building for the control of the Helipad. The map is set in an urban city, at night. So this is my first "real" map. After months of tries and retries and nights lost, I decided to share a small KOTH map made for my group to play on sometimes. I...