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Potassium Release3_Fixed

MvM map made for the Mapper's vs Machines contest, set in a Jungle Industrial Complex.

  1. Rytu
    Map made for the TF2maps's Mapper's vs Machines Contest.

    Rytu - http://steamcommunity.com/id/Rytugamer
    Un Seau - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198106419992
    Qohen - http://steamcommunity.com/id/QohenxD

    Welcome to a chemical facility in the jungle. Why? Because bananas! Mann. co has figured out that the potassium in bananas is key for a new chemical weapon. Although, robots don't like it when you stea- I mean borrow their bananas. Keep the robots away from the underground banana storage warehouse at all costs!


    -Biological Brawl
    -Chemical Calamity

    Un seau- Geometry, Detailing, Logic, Custom textures, Polishing.
    Qohen- Pop files
    Rytu- Geometry, Clips, Custom textures, Texture Polishing, Lights, pop file fixing.
    Heyo- Borneo assets
    Frontline team
    Mayann team
    Swamp team
    Invalid nick's fuel tank prop

    Special thanks to fluttercreep because his computer broke and was originally going to collab with us.

    Screenshots :

    20170727091757_1.jpg 20170731202109_1.jpg 20170728193454_1.jpg 20170728193430_1.jpg 20170728193510_1.jpg 20170728193402_1.jpg 20170728193420_1.jpg 20170728193351_1.jpg 20170728193340_1.jpg 20170728193328_1.jpg 20170728193316_1.jpg 20170728193259_1.jpg 20170728193243_1.jpg 20170728193232_1.jpg 20170713012723_1.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. Fixed Gates in normal pop file
  2. Fixed pop

Recent Reviews

  1. DragonX
    Version: Release3_Fixed
    I like jungle maps
    and this is nice