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MVM Potassium Release3_Fixed

MvM map made for the Mapper's vs Machines contest, set in a Jungle Industrial Complex.

  1. Rytu

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    Potassium - MvM map made for the Mapper's vs Machines contest, set in a Jungle Industrial Complex.

    Map made for the TF2maps's Mapper's vs Machines Contest.

    Welcome to a chemical facility in the jungle. Why? Because bananas! Mann. co has figured out that the potassium in bananas is key for a new chemical weapon. Although, robots don't like it when you stea- I mean borrow their bananas. Keep the robots away from the underground banana storage warehouse at all costs!


    -Biological Brawl
    -Chemical Calamity

    Un seau- Geometry, Detailing, Logic, Custom textures, Polishing.
    Qohen- Pop files
    Rytu- Geometry, Clips, Custom textures, Texture Polishing, Lights, pop file fixing.
    Heyo- Borneo assets
    Frontline team
    Mayann team
    Swamp team
    Invalid nick's fuel tank prop

    Special thanks to fluttercreep because his computer broke and was originally going to collab with us.

    Screenshots :

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  2. Gorgonzilla

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    Wow, looks good, gotta try it out. Is it going to be in any imps/ scheduled tests?
  3. Rytu

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  4. SmallBiscuit

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    Looks beautiful! I hope it functions just as well as it looks!
  5. Messing Around

    Messing Around L6: Sharp Member

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    holy ... optimization man, i know i have a potato PC, but it's struggling to run above 60fps, and that was before the bots appear

    also your map is too bright, everything is so shiny, maybe it looks cinematically, but it just annoying after a while
  6. Rytu

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  7. Egan

    aa Egan

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    Hey just some additional points of feedback on your map. I was in one of the tests of the normal mode popfile, but I was a spectator - is why I wasn't sure my comments would have added anything extra in the other group of feedback for non-shortlist maps official post.

    It really just seemed clear that you didn't playtest the map:
    - On wave 4 of the normal mode mission you had a pyro boss that healed faster than it took damage, we had to cheat and force-kill all the mvm bots so we could even progress! http://i.imgur.com/PGfxVWH.jpg
    - On wave 5 of the normal mode mission you had 3 bosses that healed faster than they took damage, and then immediately put in a tank following them which just seemed insane. http://i.imgur.com/XGBOCF8.jpg
    - On wave 6 of the normal mode mission - again, waaaay too hard for normal mode. Another two bosses that healed faster than they took damage, followed by a tank behind them.
    - Also on wave 1 of the normal mode mission you start off with 120 huntsman snipers, which can kill you potentially in one shot from a great distance away, which sucks for wave 1 of normal mode... You should, if you're keeping that, set their damage reduction to at least 50-60%.

    The map generally flowed very awkwardly. The upper route in the map that sits above around the first closing-door location is probably too complex for players who want to use it as a route during a round. I suggest just closing off this side path here http://i.imgur.com/PSgWiPL.jpg , since most players didn't appear to use it, and it just added complexity.

    The doors also seemed pretty confusing, I think it would have helped a lot more if the gate capturepoint icons were on the HUD, because they weren't, so bots just stood awkwardly around the doors - that WERE opened before they got there (since players used the route during set up) for them to open again. http://i.imgur.com/DHQZAHC.jpg

    I think mixing routes that bots can't go sometimes, but players are required to use sometimes is pretty confusing generally. I think what might help is to have the gate doors instead be the translucent mesh doors from mannhatten, so at least players could fire at the bots capturing the gates (currently the door is solid and you have to find an alternative route to the bots - awkward).

    I will say I liked some of the detail on the map. There was this cool background cave area that seemed pretty neat from the player perspective: http://i.imgur.com/FJaQq8m.jpg

    I think the lighting on your map could be improved a lot, not just in using a way more subtle bloom value, but also in the light colors and intensities. http://i.imgur.com/icRhSQk.jpg - http://i.imgur.com/2lt81jv.jpg . I don't understand why the ambient color of the environment lighting (the shadows) are purple/blue. It makes the whole map seem very unnatural and strange, like you're using a color correction filter. Looks a bit like borderlands 2 actually. Just not TF2-y.

    The direct lighting (not-shadow) I think is not intense enough. The 4th value of the lighting will set the intensity, if it's at like 300 now, set it to 600 at least. Check this page https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Team_Fortress_2_Sky_List - it shows the 4th value intensity of a variety of maps. The maps that you remember being bright / easy to see outside have the highest 4th value settings. This was something I only just wrapped my head around somewhat recently so I wouldn't blame you too hard if 'intensity affecting color' was a bit confusing at first.

    I think if the map's look was cleaned up so it was easier on the eyes in color, intensity, bloom scale, and probably also removing some of the clutter props miscleanously placed around that it could help make players feel better while being in the spaces. I think you'd really need to fix those popfiles by the way, so that players can actually beat the missions... And I would also probably try to see if you can cull, simplify, or merge different routes so that the map layout is less confusing.
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  8. Benoist3012

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  9. Sergeant CrWhips

    Sergeant CrWhips L1: Registered

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    Um, excuse me, but is the mvm_normal mision, in version r3 ment to be with the 120 bowman in the first wave ment to be? or will the mission change?( i mean it gets impossible later o with 3 major critzes and the unused pyro boss), if so, could i may propose to make a wave?
  10. A Bucket

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    Wow thanks for the feedback! This map was a good learning experience.
    Last summer:
    Last winter:
    Start of contest:
    End of contest:
    Before, all my maps were terrible because I knew nothing about leaking, nodraw, vvis, ect, and were just visual reflections on what I aspired for them to be. Now, I understand how to actually construct maps that don't suck!