mann versus machine

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  1. Endermage77

    A List of Mann Vs. Machine Resources

    These are the resources I consult regularly when making MVM maps, and a few things extra. Maybe they'll help someone else out too. Map Creation MVM Map Creation — By gettysburg and Mince Popfile Design Custom MVM Missions: A Guide on How to Create Them — By Sntr, Jakapoa, Big Shot!, and...
  2. Business_Vader

    Redcorp b3

    Red team constructs an office building, which is totally not a front for secret and highly illegal activity to make sure that Gray mann's source of money never reaches his pockets. However, with the building found out, so to does Gray construct an office building, which is also totally not a...
  3. Lasagna Pizza

    How to make individual bot parent the entity/brush from point_template?

    I had made the bots spawn on the traintrack entity and worked, it include point_template . But the only thing i wanted is the bots spawn their own indiviadual traintrack, instead of that 1 traintrack parented all bot. (picture of straight line and 5 bot on each indiviadual traintrack moving to...
  4. Tommy the Rabbit

    Admiring a Trophy 2021-12-18

    "To bot or not to bot- wait, what's the question?" Wasn't too sure on what to make that was exclusively TF2-themed so I did something that combined a character of mine with TF2! I personally love MVM and I also love killing robots! So I decided to draw Tommy (in some of my TF2 loadout)...
  5. Ismaciodismorphus

    Grungle a3

    Fight robots in the grungel in this very small mvm map, Experience the fun of yellow fever while having your insides ground to mush.
  6. Startacker!

    Akure RC1A

  7. Printed Paper

    Sky Scrape rc1

    A Mann versus Machine map based on tall buildings in the process of being built. Players make their way inside the third building where the robots spawn. The robots exact spawn location should be obvious, as there are two massive gates. There are four smaller gates on each level, where tanks...
  8. Yaki

    Berserker A6

    This is an experimental map. Heavily inspired by elements from the Left4Dead series (PC), Zelda Ocarina of Time (N64), and Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts (SNES). Players fight against robots in a haunted castle setting. The goal is to survive 'n' revive your team mates as you fight your way up to the...
  9. ⁽ᴵᴰᴳ⁾CaptainRussia94

    (popfile) Horzine Hospitality A2fix

    Horzine is not pleased with how boring and easy their zeds were last time, so shared some of his stems and stimpacked all of them, this led to a decrease in zombie count and less but more brutal waves thou. effectively an update for horzine_holocaust, but redone to the point it barely feels...
  10. DeathAnimations Team

    MvM Pirate's Beach Planet! Beta v0.2

    Hello! This map is part of a Team Fortress 2 Community project called "The Alien MvM project!" Click here for more information. A MvM map based on the "The Invasion Update" Lead by Ronin And the 2018's Steam Summer Sale game "Saliens" by Valve Usefull Info about these map series: - There...
  11. Columbidae

    Damm r1

    A two sided MVM map: Robots attack from two seperate sides, and converge into the middle. Map help, lighting and texturing and playtesting: Phenomene MVM popfile guidance: Richtofen Special Thanks/Playtesting: Sult4n Hoctap Doomsday Orange
  12. Rytu

    Potassium Release3_Fixed

    Map made for the TF2maps's Mapper's vs Machines Contest. Contributors: Rytu - Un Seau - Qohen - Welcome to a chemical facility in the jungle. Why? Because bananas...
  13. Asd417

    [Video Resource] MvM Map Design and Doom 2016

    I found this video and I thought there are things mvm mappers could potentially take away from this. Obvisouly this is Doom, a single player fps, not a multiplayer coop fps. But what this video has to say about fps combat, it is intriguing. Both MvM and Doom puts heavy emphasis on fps combat...
  14. Rytu

    Intersection [MvM] RC2 Fixed

    Made for the Mappers VS Machines Contest Merasmus got in trouble with the Japanese Robo-Mafia, Thinking he is affiliated with the Team Fortress Mercenaries, The Robo-Mafia is comming after the Mann Co Headquarters, and it's your job to defend it ! So gear up, bring together your greatest...
  15. Sarexicus

    Turntabled A3

    An mvm map. The map splits into three parts throughout. When the robots capture the central control point at any time, it will switch the current path used by the robots. Only one path is active at any time. The middle path is objectively the hardest due to its short length. The CP has an 80...