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(popfile) Avaricious Assault (and Extra Stage) A9

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(popfile) Avaricious Assault (and Extra Stage) A9

An advanced mission, and an endurance mission for mvm_goldpit

Avaricious Assault-6 waves of greedy robots looking to pillage your gold mines!
Extra Stage (lack of a better name) Cut 7th wave that is an endurance test like Ghost town, features a re-spawning boss and a surprise boss half way!

Still WIP, needs testing

A few icons are mine, most are likely from a public source so credit given where due to those.
First release
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Population File

More downloads from ⁽ᴵᴰᴳ⁾CaptainRussia94

Latest updates

  1. Bringing it up to date

    with asd's latest map build
  2. first gameplay test changes!

    changelog V2: --general -updated for B7 of gold pit -fixed broken icons -pyros their gas passers less often (and the EOI ones have an even longer delay) -removed bison sniper missions (they didn't work right) --wave 1-Moved a giant pyro to be...
  3. updated the name, again

    that's it