Nebulus A7b

The robots have breached the outer defenses! Time to hold the center!

  1. ⁽ᴵᴰᴳ⁾CaptainRussia94
    Nebulus is a map that takes place in the inner confines of a nuclear reactor, the robots have made it into the very core itself! And the line must be held here.

    Nebulous is an experimental map in that after I saw this one mvm map from potato's demo files (mvm_codelco_a7) that I wanted to try the idea of a gatebot map where the gate is a shortcut through the map VS a forward spawn. This map features alot of unique elements like tanks with branching paths and alot of logic triggers currently.

    I would often joke around calling this map "decoy 2.0" with how small it is and how little time it would take robots to reach the hatch without opening the shortcut.

    For the time being it comes with a mission (by yours truly) that shows off all the features this map currently has to offer, the mission is intermediate for the sake me feeling the default mission needs to be alot easier in a map like this.

    Anyways have fun and leave feedback <3

    Icons belong to their respective creators, the Christian brutal Sniper Icon is only temporary as i wanted something to stand out for the Meltdown health bar unless I'm allowed to use it fully.


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Recent Updates

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