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Dragon's Peak A7

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Dragon's Peak A7

Face off against a cultist horde assaulting a town built atop a cursed peak

Dragon's peak is an experimental map making use halloween map features, it is largely an experimental map atm.

I will post more including screen shots when it's less barebones

Gatebot arrows made by and, with permission, used from Blade X64, thanks man!
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Mann Vs. Machine
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More downloads from ⁽ᴵᴰᴳ⁾CaptainRussia94

Latest updates

  1. A7

    //Changelog A7 //Forward upgrade station locks during wave, this was done during A6, but I forgot to mention it, whoops! (and now, hopefully it properly unlocks too!) //witching hour is now every minute //HOPEFULLY fixed underworld not...
  2. A6

    //Changelog A6 //Hopefully fixed players not exiting ghost from on witching hour //Changed the way spells are given to bots: giants who receive common spells have a 50% chance to get one every 3-5 seconds //increased health pack to a medium on...
  3. A5

    //Changelog A5 //Fixed being locked to melee from a Knockout powerup as well as a few minor bugs, closed the pit during the underworld //Added the ability to start waves in the underworld //Added a "witching hour" feature to the underworld, that...