Goldpit rc3

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Goldpit rc3

mvm map with classic dustbowl theme

Mvm map set in an open-pit mine with classic dustbowl theme.

The layout is experimental twist to gate map. The gates are not placed along the main bomb path. Instead, each gates have their own bomb path which converges with other paths. Also all spawnpoints stay active throughout the wave regardless of the state of the gate.
Each gate adds an additional bomb and because of how the paths converge, players are forced to retreat if they lose the gates.

Download includes relays for mission makers
First release
Last update
Mann Vs. Machine

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Latest updates

  1. rc3

    Added spawnbot_forward. This spawnbot will spawn bots at the most recently captured gate Fixed displacements
  2. rc2

    Fixed a strange case of a missing chunk of func_respawnroom at the bot main spawn area Adjusted nav mesh to fix a couple of poor connections Update by sntr Goldpit man appreciates it.
  3. rc1


Latest reviews

I played this a couple times and thought highly of it. I'm pretty tired of desert maps too, except this one does capture that classic theme really well and I enjoyed it. The gates were really cool too, forward spawns for robots to cap are a lot fun to see in maps. Goldpit has lots of space to run around, good spots for viable height jump upgrades. Overall I had a great time on it and like it a bunch.