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(popfile) Avaricious Assault (and Extra Stage) A9

An advanced mission, and an endurance mission for mvm_goldpit

  1. Bringing it up to date

    with asd's latest map build
  2. first gameplay test changes!

    changelog V2:

    -updated for B7 of gold pit
    -fixed broken icons
    -pyros their gas passers less often (and the EOI ones have an even longer delay)
    -removed bison sniper missions (they didn't work right)

    --wave 1-Moved a giant pyro to be the first robot to spawn (from the end of the wave), removed cleaver scouts, reduced final subwave heavies to only 12 (from 18) and added 12 cowmang soldiers (normal skill), cut back on medic supports, greatly reduced giant brass beast heavy's spawn...
  3. updated the name, again

    that's it
  4. B6

  5. map update, mission name update yaya

    just changed mission file name that's all
  6. Updated the mission name, oh wait

    I also decreased movement speed on the backup heavies, that too
  7. proper mission filenames

    Avaricious Assault is now marked as advanced.
    Extra Stage is pretty hard, I'll keep it at expert for now but I don't know if it's that hard.

    Also updated the names again because asd updated goldpit
  8. Balancing Take 1

    --Fixed wave 5 never ending
    --reduced giant armored sandman scouts to 3 on wave 5 and doubled their respawn time.
    --reduced cooldown between wave attacks to no more than 15
    --changed wave 1, reduced robots, replaced giant pyros with pusher variants.
    --generally altered the robot count.
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