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  1. Francis_A2x

    arena_iced 1a

    "Iced him!" an Arena map took place somewhere in New York where the mercs arrived at their destination to wipe out any remaining opponent in both territories while there's a snowstorm causing the gang war runs smoothly unbothered alongside with the construction barriers. once this map plays...
  2. Francis_A2x

    koth_racket b5g

    A king of the hill map took place in an alleyway between urban and industrial areas.
  3. Regen_

    Polis B2

    When both teams were on a "vacation" in one of their team's HQ buildings in Mannhattan, RED Spy, annoyed by Scout's unstoppable mumbling about having to do all the boring paper work and looking at city maps and not going to a pizzeria as he was promiced by Miss Pauling, for the first time in his...
  4. Zeropalooba

    Staten Island v7

    A symmetrical Ultiduo map inspired by koth_highpass, and also Baloo. For the aesthetic, I went for a style similar to mvm_manhattan. Tell me what you think as well as any bugs, although this map has been playtested, so there (in theory) shouldn't be any!