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cp_apollo A6

My very first map.

cp_apollo is a moonbase-themed Attack/Defend map which I made to get back into making creative things with my PC.
Made with immense help from @lucky. Thanks, buddy!
I'm very sorry for everyone that is going to play this, this is my very first map and I haven't worked with 3D software in quite a while.
Critical feedback wanted, don't hugbox me but also don't be rude, I'm aware that the map sucks.
Updates come sporadically since university is seriously limiting the time I have to work on the map.
First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP
4.00 star(s) 1 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. A6

    Reworked the first point a little to possibly give RED a little more of an edge. More lights! New flooded vent-ish flank route to last. A new glass bridge. Reworked some health & ammo pickups Blocked off the window from the right-hand side on...
  2. A5

    Well, I uploaded a VMF instead of a BSP. Sorry about that. Should be fixed now.
  3. Did you miss me?

    University's been kicking my ass, but I got myself some help. My friend @lucky has been an IMMENSE help with completely revamping the area before the first portal. No guarantee that I'll be able to push more updates in the near future, but the...

Latest reviews

Good map, although you really should texture it. It would add a lot to the atmosphere. I played a couple rounds with bots, and it was pretty good! Although there are some issues, like Red's left door not showing the visualizer for blu correctly, and some weird geometry on the ground at the first point. Other than that, I'd say this is a pretty damn fine map. 8/10 Would play again.