plr_ironbridge_stage3 A2A

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Just a few minor fixes for a retest.

-Fixed the floating sign.
-Added a crate to jump back up on the roof from.
-Altered a bit of geometry to make sniping the enemy spawn from your own spawn much harder.
Lots of updates to my map that I did instead of studying for my test. Got my priorities straight, I know I know.

-Brand-new building separating the loop from the spawn doors so you can't just camp the cart from your spawn.
-New and improved bridge area. Both below and above the bridge is completely redesigned.
-New spawn rooms. Half of all players will now spawn in a spawn room that's higher above with better access to the roof, as well as a new door to the shack.
-Nobuild zone above the cart shed.
-Rebuilt part of the loop as it was barely used and give it to the attackers instead.

Hopefully you'll like the changes!
Fixed the bug that was in the ABS prefabs about RED not being able to block BLU's capture thanks to this thread:
Payload Race Single Stage Fixed Prefab |

Removed cacti because people hate fun :(

Fixed respawn visualizers

Made the gravel heaps on the bridge more easily walkable

Hopefully we can get one proper imp going with that!
Quick fix because I missed an important filter, causing people to break the map.
Also added a sightline block and disabled prop shadows of the rails.