pl_thermo a6

A wintery map with a secret underground laboratory

  1. A6: Forward spawn is back

    * Gave BLU the forward spawn after A back
  2. Alpha 5: In Defense of RED

    * Tweaked the layout of A to make it slightly easier for RED to defend

    * Fixed clipping in a few spots

    * Removed a few routes for BLU to prevent them flanking RED too easily

    * Opened up C a bit more and lengthened the track a bit to give RED more time to set up defenses

    * Removed the forward spawn given to BLU after capping A

    * Tweaked pickups slightly
  3. Alpha 4: Buffing BLU again

    In the last version, I moved RED's initial spawn closer to the point because it was too hard for them to defend. Although I succeeded in making it easier for RED to defend, it made what was once easy pickings for BLU into an almost insurmountable choke. In order to combat this, this version focuses on fixing that problem, among other things:

    * Opened up the chokepoint immediately after A

    * Gave BLU a forward spawn after A is captured

    * Added several additional routes into B to avoid...
  4. Alpha 3: Rebalancing

    * Fixed a hole in the fence

    * Gave RED a forward spawn

    * Tweaked last to eliminate the old shortcut route

    * Tweaked building near BLU spawn to make it easier for RED to defend

    * Fixed missing fence near A

    * Removed a barrier in the cave

    * RED is now respawned immediately when either of the first two points are captured to prevent BLU from rolling through uncontested
  5. A2C: Bugfixes

    * Fixed one-way door breaking

    * Adjusted setup time to 85 seconds

    * Closed off a jump that RED could use to get into BLU's flank without taking the stairs
  6. A2B: Minor tweaks

    * Added a one-way door in the flank on last to make it harder for RED to disrupt the hold there

    * Added dynamic signs and a door to guide players on the RED team and prevent them from accidentally taking the wrong route initially

    * Opened up a wall to reduce the strength of a sentry spot

    * Added 30 seconds to the setup time to account for RED's longer walk distance

    * Rotated the shipping container near the first point and added an easy way to get on top of it
  7. Alpha 2

    * Completely redesigned the second and third points
    * The order of the power plant and cave areas has been swapped
    * Heavily modified layout of the first and last points
    * Placed pickups more thoughtfully
    * Added more detailing and some basic soundscapes
    * Teams should hopefully be split up less
    * Modified RED's spawn into something akin to Badwater Basin (door with shorter route closes after B is capped)
    * The Yeti is now significantly angrier


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