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  1. Tiftid

    cp_fragment _a2

    A very rushed A/D map made to catch the very end of the 2022 72hr jam. @Sarexicus helped. Thanks!
  2. Tiftid

    pl_boatload _b2b

    I liked koth_tiftidwater, so I extended the concept into an entire single-stage 4-point payload map. It also features subtle other gimmicks, like BLU getting less time from capturing a control point if they do it too quickly, and BLU not getting their forward spawn to attack C until they...
  3. Keizer Ei

    Sentinel A8

    First attempt at A/D that will get playtested. Aims to do what Gorge did and improve upon it. I intend for this map to be challenging for BLU to win but not easy for RED to defend. Will potentially be the last stage in a multi-stage A/D map. Images are of alpha 5.
  4. Tiftid

    pl_roofrack _b2a

    Formerly pl_yeswhere. In keeping with the spirit of the Rule of Threes Major Contest, it contains three gimmicks: 1) A weird cart shape resembling the Tower from Splatoon 2) A weird highground connector between A and B that RED initially use to hold A but then BLU uses to attack B 3) A weird...
  5. MC_Labs15

    pl_thermo a6

    BLU team invades a RED geothermal plant, aiming to blow up the nefarious laboratory experiment contained within. UPDATE: New redesigned version here:
  6. K

    Blackrock Ridge a7e

    Blu invades yet another Red secret mountain base to blow the hell out of Red's mining/surveillance operations. The mountain is filled with multiple flanks, so make sure to use their potential to avoid sightlines! Both teams have three spawn rooms, and the map is quite large. I finally crawled...
  7. Hombzy

    pl_cragharbor a1

    Welcome to Cragharbor! A windy and wet Payload-map set on a rocky coast. Blu is trying to push the cart from their harbour across the coast, through a tunnel all the way into the heart of the Red harbour. The 1st section of the map, leading up to point A, contains 2 gates which will open as...
  8. Waugh101

    Morro A3b

    BLU fights there way into a RED mining facility near El Morro, attempting to capture the Shipping and Receiving, Storage, and Refinery along the way. For my second A/D map, I've decided to keep it simple. The map is made in a classic Dustbowl theme; a lot of the areas are inspired by official...
  9. Da Spud Lord

    Scorched Earth (PL) A3

    Somewhere in New Mexico, the sun sets on a quiet Pueblo village... Well, we assume it was quiet before our favorite mercenaries came and started littering the place with bullet casings and explosions. Now this village is a warzone harboring a Red mining base, and your job is to either assist or...
  10. Cimroa

    pl_manufacturing A3

    I went back at the previous map I made and remade a good portion of it. My main focus right now is getting rid of the kinks in the balancing.
  11. Charlie 2

    cp_nonameyet a1

    Hopefully Not Horrible
  12. SirUnknown

    Drizzle a9

    A simple payload map in the aesthetic of Sawmill or Thunder Mountain, gameplay inspired mostly from Upward and Badwater. Images of the map:
  13. x6herbius

    CP Slatechute a4

  14. Sarexicus

    lodgement A3

    pl_lodgement (formerly known as pl_wartorn before realising that the name is extremely ununique) A Frontline-style map. Attackers start on a beachhead and advance through a town and finally towards a cliff finale. A train-line explosion is planned for the finale destruction. My first proper...
  15. Necrσ

    72hr CP_Freeflow B2

    CP_Freeflow is a linear single-staged attack defend map, similar to gorge. Created for the winter 2017 72hr jam. Screenshots:
  16. Bull

    desertmap a1

    Figured I should start on a new project, so here is pl_desertmap! That name is absolutely terrible, I know, but I'll think of a better one later on. It's better than the previous name, which was 'newshit_a1' so I'd say there's an improving line! Map is a basic one-stage payload map with your...
  17. Stiffy360

    Lair a7b

    a7b of pl_liar. Most of the changes are of first spawn and the third point. the rest of the map hasn't changed a significant amount.
  18. BigfootBeto

    Uskuu A3

    Taking inspiration from various maps brings Uskuu! BLU has to reach RED's repair site, which has been closed off rather well. This single-stage payload map has every feature you might could maybe ever want (probably not, but still). --Features-- Death pit! (cause why not?) Cliff! (for your...
  19. Grubzer

    pl_warworks A2

    Payload map, with Frontline theme. I need: feedback playtesting ideas for last, please:rolleyes: