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pl_skyfortress a15


  1. Billo
    20170222194150_1.jpg 20170222194142_1.jpg 20170222194150_1.jpg 20170222194203_1.jpg 20170222194210_1.jpg 20170222194246_1.jpg 20170129090300_1.jpg 20170129090309_1.jpg 20170129090317_1.jpg 20170129090328_1.jpg 20170129090344_1.jpg 20170129090401_1.jpg 20170129090410_1.jpg 20170129090427_1.jpg 20170129090438_1.jpg 20170129090446_1.jpg 20170129090457_1.jpg welcome to payload skyfortress aplha 1 !
    this maps has (almost) everything!
    death , fun , random players fall to the cliff and many more!

    This Map Is For the Skyfortress Project which will be released in a cuple months!

    current version pl_skyfortress_a1

    Special Thanks To : CrowBar For his help and feedback!

Recent Updates

  1. improvements
  2. Clip Is now ON :P
  3. small but important update