pd_lunarbase A12

PD map set on a lunar space station with a low gravity area :D

  1. A12


    Came back to work on this map after several months of not touching it. Made allot of changes! Biggest of which being that I made CP A an outdoor low gravity area, similar to very early versions of the map. Having a dedicated low gravity area at all times did distract players from the map objective, though hopefully with the new design of the area and map in general it will find some balance.

    Major Changes:
    - Redesigned CP A to be outdoor low gravity area with elevated CP....
  2. A11_fix

    oof couldnt score points. now you can.
  3. A11


    - Disabled low gravity at capture point B this version
    (Felt having low gravity at both points was too much and too much of a distraction. I liked how the map played better with having CP B without low gravity from previous versions)
    - Optimization
    - Made opening to black hole death pit larger
    - Widen areas near both doorways to high ground by CP B
    - Added custom voice lines for beginning of round and when CP B enables
    - Adjusted some lighting
    - Fixed some textures
  4. A10


    - Changed CP B back to the way it was before, though keeping low gravity when point is enabled.
    (Last version CP B was too easy to hold with a sentry placement on the high ground were the point was. During the rounds one team camp CP B hiding behind a strong sentry position and then the other team after struggling to push into CP B started camped CP A waiting for the other team. It made for some stale gameplay to say the least.)

    - Changed look of jump pads
    (Players were...
  5. A9

    - Change CP B so that when it enables it will have a low gravity zone like CP A
    - Increased ceiling height at CP B
    - Moved CP B capture zone to on top of a spire that is accessible by all class when low gravity enables
    - Added walls to block sight lines at CP B
    - Fixed not symmetrical health / ammo pack placement
    - Moved trigger_catapult for black hole back so players can get closer to the edge without getting sucked in
    - Changed some door frames at CP A
    - Custom...
  6. A8


    - Changed Point Per Player from 5 to 4 on tf_logic_player_destruction (amount of points to win [on full 24 player server] reduced from 125 to 96 points)
    - Reduced capture point lock time from 30 to 25 seconds
    - Reduced capture point unlocked time from 45 to 40
    - Changed custom voice line to specify which capture point the low gravity zone is in
    - Made some airlocks into CP A wider
    - Moved jump pads further back to help prevent players from accidentally landing on them when...
  7. A7


    The outdoor low gravity area has offered allot of fun and has been a favorite area to mess around for players, but in this version I've decided to remove that area of the map. It was too much out of the way to get there and created a very far distance to travel between the 2 capture points. Plus players were focusing more messing with the low gravity then playing the objective.

    The low gravity isn't completely gone. I've moved CP A back to it's originally location indoors...
  8. A6


    - Capture points open for longer amount of time. (30 to 45 seconds)
    - Changed back gravity in low gravity area (.2 to .25)
    - Adjusted clipping on computer towers to help with easier building placement
    - Hopefully packed custom particle effect correctly this time

    I think the biggest issue with the gameplay at the moment is the long distance between the 2 points. I feel the design around the points are interesting and have been playtesting well. Though, since the points flip...
  9. A5 Detailing and Tweaks

    - Fixed announcer voiceline so plays everywhere in the map.
    - Changed hud icon from a down arrow to a lock when both CP are locked
    - Put up walls to stop long sightlines in route that leads to CP A
    - Adjusted low gravity from .2 to .25
    - Texturing
    - Minor detailing
    - Added custom wormhole particle effect (made by Exactol)
    20190816141805_1.jpg 20190816140612_1.jpg ...
  10. A4

    - Moved CP A to outside area with low gravity
    - Added medium health pack under where CP A was before
    - Added a black hole instead of water to outdoor death pit
    - Blocked some long sightlines at CP B
    - Added more signs
    - Added more cows