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  1. 14bit

    72hr Jam 2023 td_14bit a2

    A Territorial Domination map set on the moon made for the 2023 Jam! Uses the Territorial Domination Vscript prefab by @Another Bad Pun, @Emil_Rusboi, and @Kube Uses decals from the Frontline pack by @Void The dome in A2 is from BulletCrops, author unknown
  2. HalvedDead

    72hr Jam 2023 Lunar Legacy - War Paint V2

    Since the dawn of time, mankind has always looked up to the moon at night and asked one simple question... 'how can I get onto the moon and laugh at all the peasants still stuck on Earth?' Today, we will give you the answer, and it is VIOLENCE! Show those lousy nerds at NASA what a REAL...
  3. afr4y

    Apogee v2_a1

    koth_apogee is my first ever map. Taking place in a moonbase, it has a high emphasis on height variation, and includes sniper towers, an underground flank, and lots of health and ammo kits. The map is rotationally symmetrical. Current release is alpha 1, expect overpowered positions, poor...
  4. LOOTA

    pl_satelliteorbit A1

  5. RetroNuva10

    rd_asteroid b0

    Hey all! After much time, I think this is finally in a spot to deem it ready enough to be uploaded, starting with b0. NOTE: This is a work-in-progress. All feedback is greatly appreciated, but keep in mind that, since this is mostly an art-pass, I potentially just may have not gotten around to...
  6. Lazy Developer

    Moon Pit a1

    Space themed koth map with the point over a crater on the moon. This is an early version and was made in approximately 12 hours total. Special thanks to Cuba for making the Blu asteroid assets I used in this map.
  7. Void

    Bloodmoon A2

    A variation of player destruction with instant capture - kill your enemies and pick up their fallen australium to instantly score for your team. Think of Call of Duty's Kill Confirmed gamemode. Bloodmoon is a slightly-asymmetrical Halloween map that wears its 90s FPS influences on its sleeve -...
  8. Spleep

    Moonbeam a2

    Moonbeam is a night themed koth map. Presumably will have a moonbeam at some point. Enjoy.
  9. Cuba

    Asteroid Blue side assets 2020-02-13

    Hey people, yesterday my friend asked me to make some blue side version of the assets found in rd_asteroid so I did. I hope some of you would find them interesting or helpful :) Includes: 20 Models 2 Wall Textures 1 Overlay 1 Demo Map ^the textures do not replace vanilla i just did that for...
  10. C

    Moon Dustbowl a1

    Reimagining of dustbowl with a moonbase/space theme. Currently only stage 1. I tried to gauge the size of the original with screenshots instead of direct measurements to make a map that's similar but not exactly identical. I accidentally overscaled the section around the second point but want to...
  11. F4NGS

    pd_lunarbase A12

    Reworked this map into this map ---> player destruction map set on a lunar space ship with low gravity zones at capture points when the capture points enables. A1 made during 72 hour summer jam 2019. - PD prefab (made by Egan) - Custom skybox...
  12. Limasio

    MoonLaunch B2

    My first KOTH map, set on an lunar outpost, in which RED and BLU fight over a laser to blow up each other's space ships. Part of the 2019 72hr jam.
  13. RetroNuva10

    koth_retro a2

    Sci-fi themed moonbase KOTH map with an unconventional design layout. This is my first legit map, and I think it's coming along nicely - ALL feedback is welcome!
  14. Suna

    Moonjump A2

    I made this in literally a day cause I was bored. I'll probably update this a bit more in future, but for now, enjoy! (recommend 6v6 trolldier)
  15. Capp

    skyrock a4

    it's on it's early alpha, i had an idea in mind and wanted to make it real. I don't know if the map is really that good but we'll see.
  16. 14bit

    Orbit A1

    Everyone's favorite Payload Circuit map is back for 2018! I'm proud to present my second ever map from 2015 recompiled, reuploaded, and repacked for the next generation of mappers to experience. The gamemode prefab has also been updated for 2018! Check it out here! Original post from 2015...
  17. Midlou

    Frost Moon RC4

    King of the Hill - Frost Moon
  18. Py-Bun

    After Hours 2018-07-30

    was doing MVM tours this whole week and thought i'd do something related to that for the 72hr jam. i missed the eclipse this weekend :( made using SFM, Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop 14.5hrs of work timelapse process
  19. SnakedSnack

    [KOTH] Outerbase 2018-07-30

    An entry for the 72hr SUMMER JAM (Started 27.07.18) ---- Map with a space theme (moon theme). I used a Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack by a Boojum Snark for this map.
  20. Chuck_TF

    Blu Moon. 2018-07-28

    Made for the 72 Hour Summer Jam 2018.