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  1. Capp

    Zinc a5

    An industrial pd map with a koth layout. Will it work? I hope so because i put one hell of a lot of effort into this.
  2. Capp

    (72hr) Boiler a1

    for the 2021 72hr jam I made an industrial player destruction map with a koth layout to see if the gamemode can function as a regular casual map with no gimmicks. ok maybe one gimmick.
  3. Le Codex

    Domination Gamemode Prefab (Player Destruction) v1

    A small, quick, and dirty "remaster" of JACK5's Domination gamemode prefab. Instead of using the KotH gamemode as a base, this one uses Player Destruction. Owning points makes you gain points every second. In order not to become crazy from the point gain sounds, I have included a soundscript to...
  4. Le Codex

    Stash A4a

    Mann Co. has come around, and has required of the mercs that they deliver the Australium they gathered from all those robots. Will they do it? NO! Of course not! They much prefer to fight over which team is going to have to pay up. And by pay up, they mean killing each other to steal the other...
  5. Hrambelj

    Wormhole B1

    As Mann Co. has already bought up all the land in the World, they have been working on a way to create wormholes to alternate worlds in order to acquire more. RED and BLU are fighting over a facility, disguised as an agricultural-industrial centre, which houses two ICBMs and a laser-induced...
  6. Tango


    Shipment - That really bad map from COD4 Send help
  7. F4NGS

    pd_lunarbase A12

    Reworked this map into this map ---> https://tf2maps.net/downloads/lunarbase-v2.9399/ player destruction map set on a lunar space ship with low gravity zones at capture points when the capture points enables. A1 made during 72 hour summer jam 2019. - PD prefab (made by Egan) - Custom skybox...
  8. AlphaOwl

    Timer/Objective Triggered Doors

    HI TF2 Mapping community, I Haven't made a TF2 map in a year, but I decided to give back to all this dedication and by being inspired by some of the stuff that was pumped out this year for content. I'm currently working on a Player Destruction Map located in the South Pole, which is owned by...
  9. Bakscratch

    Cursed Cove rc3

    WE HAVE A SERVER! "connect" or search "Cursed Cove" on server Browser! To explore the map by yourself, Open the console and type "map workshop/1498584149" (Must be subbed to work) or Open the console and type "map pd_cursed_cove_rc1" Overview: Set on the shores of a town...
  10. arthurgps2

    How do I make that Watergate countdown thing?

    So I'm working on a PD map, and I've got almost everything set-up to start making the map, but I wanna know how do I make that countdown timer we can see in Watergate, that turns the capturezone on and off after an amount of time. I even took a look at the tutorials in TF2Maps and the Steam...
  11. Anguish

    pd_waterlog a4a

    Jump pads! Ooh! Player Destruction! Ooh! Surf ramps! Ooh! Water that's slow slight it doesnt really do anything! Ooh!? Spellbooks! Ooh! Monoculus! Ooh! Screenshots! Oooooh!
  12. Joel

    pd_birdcage A1

    This map is the first map I've ever made after I finished watching crash's tutorials. It has the normal player destruction game rules but unlike other pd maps the capture zone is permanent so you don't gotta wait for the alien ship or the portal to hell or anything. The map features... - birds -...
  13. CriminalBunny

    [Help] How to edit the Player Destruction HUD

    So I've been following Egan's Player Destruction Guide and I'm having trouble following some things. So far I've made a copy of the HudObjectivePlayerDestruction.res file into tf\custom\CriminalBunny\resource\ui and added that code to the start, as the guide says. #base...